Reality of the Banking Situation

Nomi Prins presented the following slide at a global banking conference just 49 days ago:


Nothing has been fixed since the 2008 banking crisis, it is only worse.  Nobody at the meeting disputed her statistics.  One 30 year Federal Reserve veteran mentioned that they had no solution and were scared of what might happen if the liquidity in the system (cash) dries up as it did in 2008.

She recommends having some cash outside your bank.  The Greek people know first hand how quickly bank policy can change and restrict your from access to your money.  The job of the watchman is to alert the people of impending danger.  Mathematically speaking, there is no solution.  Only FATHER has THE long-term solution but the issue is how to best prepare for the transition.  It’s better to be a little early than 1 minute too late.  The risk generally goes up Friday at 5 PM and any announcement would happen Sunday evening notifying the population of a Bank Holiday.  The exception is if some major event such as 9/11 occurred during the week.  The flow of money would immediately be stopped.

Don’t you think those “in the know” will be given preferential treatment to remove funds before the general population?

Do you think we would be told before a bank holiday occurs?

Greed is self-serving.  Love serves others.  Which characteristic is currently prevailing among central bankers?

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