The Key to unlock


The movie “National Treasure” begins with a clue:  The secret lies with Charlotte.  In the movie, the “Charlotte” was a ship which had been frozen in time.  The frozen captain died guarding the “key” to the treasure.  The treasure spanned thousands of years and civilizations and was bigger than any one man should possess.  Within the “key” was a clue that ultimately turned out to be a hidden map on the back of the Declaration of Independence.

The theme focusing on Charlotte has come to the forefront lately and there may be a secret to be revealed soon concerning the treasures of the Kingdom.  There is a dramatic increase in Spiritual activity and we are responding to FATHER’S directives.  The Spiritual eyes are being opened and have begun to precede the actual occurrence.  People are beginning to respond to the call.

We have been called to another “Mission of Love” and FATHER very precisely confirmed the need to go.  I was interested in delaying the trip but HE made it clear that there would be no delay.  I operate and respond according to HIS Divine Intent.  All indications point to the fact that an “activation” has occurred.  “Authentication” will be by signs following.

Today marks the 340th day since a prophetic word came forth.  I came when a sharp sound awakened at 3:40 in the morning.  The word was the following:

I was starting to make dinner and I heard “go sit down and listen to what I have to say with pen and paper”.   I resisted a little, but then just sat uninspired. 

Then suddenly began to hear the following:

Remain in my presence until I produce my Kingdom plan in you.  It will not be many days hence.   You will know of a surety when I place my word in you.  You will have direction and placement.  There will be no question.  You will know that I am the Lord thy God who is ready to perform my work through you. 

You have desired to see my Kingdom on earth with all you heart.   Now you will begin to see my network of choses ones weaving a course to lay the foundation of my plan on earth for my government.  My plan has been kept hidden until this appointed hour.  Now I am unveiling my government for earth as it is in heaven.

Governments that now appear to operate under their power will come to know that it is I, (the I Am), who is in control.   These powers in time will submit or desist from their selfish ways and know that they must submit to my authority for I alone have the preeminence.   Watch my plan unfold, my chosen ones.

We submit to and are in agreement with FATHER’S perfect Plan, Will, and Purpose.

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