Stir It Up

There is much going on throughout the earth in all facets of life.  People are being overwhelmed with all of the news to the point of being drawn into its vortex, unable to get out of the fray.  It has become increasingly important to enter into your prayer closet on behalf of others but at the same time do not forsake the ministry to those in need.  In Hebrews chapter 10 it is written:

24 And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works,

25 not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.

That day is drawing near when judgment of nations will take place.  Existing systems will be replaced by HIS Righteousness and HIS Elect.  Those who have taken on the character and Divine Intent of FATHER will be raised up as a light unto the world.  That light will shine on the acts of men and expose the Truth in all areas.  I believe that day is coming soon because of what FATHER continues to have me focus on day by day.  As I seek HIM and HIS instruction, HE ministers to me according to what is on HIS mind, not mine.  I submit myself to HIS SPIRIT as I awake each morning without any preconceived notion of what the topic of the day will be.  My mind is clear and ready for HIS Life-giving Word.

For the last ten years, FATHER has been stirring up Love in my life and those who will listen to the words HE has me write and speak.  Some have passed off this most critical focus as just another gift of the Spirit thus diluting its importance.  They fail to see that Love is the most important focus one can have if they expect to be chosen to serve mankind.  Each of us must critically assess our current state of Love to determine if our Love has grown cold.  If you are not passionate about Love, stir it up!

Is your life producing good works or are you simply biding your time doing nothing?  Are you interested in being a positive impact on others or are you always waiting for others to call you?  Are you being inconvenienced by others’ actions or are you taking the initiative to be a positive influence in their lives?  Yes, there is a time to rest but not to the extreme.  It is time to stir up good works and quit being complacent with your current state.  Today is a new day.

Technology does not replace looking someone in the eye.  If you think texting, emails, Twitter, Facebook, and other electronic means of communication can replace a face-to-face kind word and soft touch, you are mistaken.  Technology is a form of isolation and using it to replace live, verbal communication does not promote Love.  Would you rather FATHER speak to you or simply text you a message?  Would you prefer Jesus to come into your room or simply receive a mass email?  Technology is meant to serve us, not the opposite.

Attending a meeting once each year is a start to “assembling” but our day to day encounters have a much greater impact on those FATHER has placed before us.  As we place our focus on those who FATHER places before us, we will minister Love to fulfill them and their needs resulting in good works.  If you are constantly expecting others to meet your needs, maybe it is time to mature yourself and become a giver, not a “taker”.  Those who are immature in Christ need constant ministry and help by others but at some point they need to produce their own good works.  If you are always sitting on your posterior then get up and do something for someone else.  Quit looking for the easy way out and embrace whatever opportunity FATHER has placed before you.  The days of the attitude of entitlement are over.  Be grateful that you have the opportunity for good works.

The word exhort means to strongly encourage or urge (someone) to do something.  It is time to exhort one another as we assemble together no matter what the venue.  Love must be the motivation behind your intent.  It is time to stir up your gifts and be a blessing to others.  Now is the time!

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