Black Friday Specials

At our site you may purchase the books published by Servias Ministries.  The price represents a contribution less the cost of publication.  We provide a contribution letters with the net value of the contribution. 

We offer the following books through

“Quantum and Non-Quantum States of The Lord Jesus Christ” by Dr. Vincent J. Speckhart

“Raising a Remnant” by Kemper Ditzler

”Circumcised Heart of Love” by Bob Henley

“Ascending to Love” by Bob Henley

If you would like multiple copies of the above books to give at Christmas, simply write us at:

Servias Ministries

PO Box 1471

Bethany, OK  73008

Tell us how many copies of each book you would like.  The minimum price per book is $0.00.  That is what I would call the ultimate “Black Friday Special”.

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