Increased Spiritual Activity

Last night my wife had a very intense dream concerning an attempt by a demonic spirit to do her harm in an alley between a parking lot and a school.  She was required to walk with her back close to the hedge within the wall of one side of the alley.  She woke up after 1:00 AM with intense pain across her back.  She described the dream to me at around 8:30 AM this morning.

At 9:30 AM our daughter called and explained a dream she had last night.  We were in one of the bedrooms and a pencil hung by a string to the wall (as a pendulum) moved on its own.  Both she and my wife saw it immediately but I did not.  It moved again and we all three saw it.  She was then pushed to the floor on her stomach and the demonic spirit applied extreme pressure to her back which caused her great pain.  My wife and I prayed and she was then released.

Also, last night a close friend also experienced notable spiritual activity beginning at 2:57 AM perceiving an unwanted presence as she walked down the hall.  Something is definitely up!

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