A Quote

After I posted the last writing, Michelle O’Donnell sent this out:

It is not about me. No matter what it looks like, feels like, I am not going to make it about me. It is about a conflict in the heavens, and the Presence of God is going to swallow this up. I am going to turn and face that. What I look at, what I rehearse in my mind, what is consuming my soul, is what is going to appear. If I keep looking at this conflict, keep rehearsing it, I am always the victim, or looking at how many people in my family have this disease, or looking at the checkbook instead of the face of God, that is what will appear.

How do we receive God’s promises? God is wanting to, and will, manifest the uninterruptible Divine Order of his Kingdom in this situation. That is what you choose to look at. Choose to look at the Spirit of God, who is your best guide and will go before you and make the crooked way straight, and tell you the way to go for victory.

When faced with any situation do not react. When everything in you is screaming for attention, then is the moment that will determine success. You can run around like your hair is on fire, or you can stand still and say, "I choose to trust." What you hold in mind is, "No matter what the appearance, Divine Order is uninterruptible." When you pull those reins in you will soon know exactly what you need to know, and what you need to do, what the Spirit of God will say that will bring about victory.

FATHER is speaking to many who will listen.  Why?  Because HE Loves us all!

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