Types of Relationship

By THE SPIRIT it is written in Psalm 103:

6 ​​The LORD executes righteousness

​​And justice for all who are oppressed.

7 ​​He made known His ways to Moses,

​​His acts to the children of Israel.

There are two categories of relationships among people that parallel the above passage- conditional and unconditional (or Agape).  The conditional relationship is an “activities” based relationship where the focus is doing things and the energy and time expended are centered around those activities.  What happens when the activities cease?  The relationship grows cold.

The unconditional relationship, on the other hand, remains intact no matter what the time lapse because it is not subject to starting or completing activities.  You simply enjoy the other person’s fellowship and do not have any agenda that needs to be fulfilled.  Both parties are allowed to be who they are versus living up to some standard place on one or the other.    Agape Love looks to minister by giving rather than taking and the fruit produces life in the relationship.

FATHER WHO is the great “I AM” promotes the unconditional relationship where you and I Love HIM for who HE IS rather than what HE can do for us today.  Immature believers tend to develop conditional relationships with FATHER and others because they are always in need.  What can FATHER provide me today?  What can this person do for me today?  These people tend to go through “friends” rather quickly and rarely have any long-time relationships.  Tweets and texts often replace phone calls and face-to-face encounters because of convenience.  The relationship seems to be a matter of convenience rather than the desire to develop a long-lasting relationship.

These two types of relationships provide us a comparison of where we stand with FATHER.  Are you sitting around waiting to be ministered to by FATHER and/or someone else or are you active in developing a relationship based on Agape Love.  Jesus died for us before we knew to ask.  Are we willing to invest in others unconditionally?  If not, how can FATHER expect to use us in the critical areas of the Kingdom?  Each of us has the responsibility to choose which type of relationship we will nurture with others.

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