Take the step (conclusion)

Perspective #2: Take the step (conclusion):

As you will recall, the Lord Jesus has given these follow-ups to provide some perspective to better enable us to participate WITH Him in what He’s doing and why.

The constant theme throughout has been His invitation to pursue Him for our prayer assignment. At the heart of this invitation is the opportunity for us to learn more about how to pray as He prays.

His disciples had the same need. They were well-schooled in the "mechanics" of how to pray; they just didn’t have the results that Jesus had. And, neither do we. So, seizing on the opportunity, one of His disciples pursued Him for His secret:

       "And emerging to become and transitioning from one state and condition to another in the realm and sphere of what operates from within on the inside, He was in a certain place in a state of praying and exchanging wishes. When He finished, one of His disciples advantageously moved toward Him with the goal and destination of saying and laying the argument to rest, ‘Lord, teach, instruct and impart knowledge causing me to learn to pray and exchange wishes. . .’ And, He said, laying the argument to rest, ‘At the time when the condition is met to pray and exchange wishes, say, laying the argument to rest, "Father, make holy, set apart, consecrate and sanctify Your Name, authority and cause distinguishing You from all others. Your Kingdom, sovereignty and royal power come and go." ‘ "

It’s always amazing how Jesus rewards pursuit. In this instance, He gives profound insight into how He approaches prayer vs. how his disciples (and we) approach it. First and foremost, He did not pray until the Father signaled that the time and conditions for praying were met. Then, He prayed, exchanging the singular wish in agreement WITH Father that, 1) Our Father would distinguish Himself from all others by making His Name, authority and cause "holy" in the object and purpose of the prayer, and 2) Our Father’s Kingdom, sovereignty and royal power would move fluidly ("come and go") in and through the work.

This is what Jesus taught His disciple who pursued Him about how to pray and this is what He’s teaching and causing us to learn, as well. And, as it relates to my friend and the circumstances facing President Trump, the time and condition has been met for our Father to distinguish His Name, authority and cause from all others by exerting the sovereignty and royal power of His Kingdom into this situation. And, Jesus has invited us to participate WITH Him in this work by performing our prayer assignment.

This is all pretty heady stuff that can wreck the head of most any 8 month old in God’s Plan. Jesus understands this and so He sends us help and the Helper in a variety of ways to enable us to participate WITH Him in what He’s doing and why.

In this regard, He’s involved us in the work, He’s invited us to pursue Him for our prayer assignment, He’s offered us unique perspectives, He’s given us examples from the scriptures of men with whom He’s done similar things and He’s encouraged us to take steps even though we may not understand what those steps mean or even how to take them. With all of this in place, now consider:

On August 18th, the first email below was sent to my friend for President Trump and his advisers that described the desperation of the Serpent as he cast a "torrent" of water out of his mouth for the purpose of carrying away President Trump (a singular representative of the Woman, My Wife, My Lady). One week later, Harvey cast a "torrent" of water out of its mouth, shutting down one of the great cities of the world by flood. Seventeen days later, Irma cast a "torrent" of water out of its mouth at Florida on the 16th anniversary of 9/11, where 7 million people were told to evacuate (carry away) and more than 12 million were left without "power." Hurricanes Jose (Joseph) and Maria (Mary) followed shortly thereafter with Maria casting a "torrent" of water out of its mouth on Puerto Rico that devastated the island, left 100% without "power" and created a fear of mass exodus (carrying away) from Puerto Rico.

So, here’s the question for each of us to answer: Is all of this just one big coincidence or is it possible that Jesus is up to something?

         ". . .it is not first the spiritual at the beginning but the natural of the soul and mind; thereafter the spiritual."

Take the step.

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