Biblical Revelations Regarding Creation

My purpose for writing essays about Christ and creation is to focus attention on His presence in every aspect of the creative process. He is not just a historical or a mythical character as depicted in ancient literature or religious ceremonies but the foundation without which creation would not exist. Proper understanding of His central role in creation of the universe is critical to our understanding of creation that is taking place at the present time.

The experimental method can teach us a lot about the structure of creation, but a new paradigm is needed to understand that which cannot be measured.

The following is an attempt to reconcile teachings of the Holy Spirit with our observation of the world.

Gen 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. Since “God is love, (1John 4:16) it is logical to state that Love created the heavens and the earth.

Therefore, love is creative. As such Love should be considered as an essential element of the physics of creation.

Jesus said of himself in John 8: 58 “before Abraham was I am.” (ἐγὼ εἰμί-ego eimi). I am is the first person personal pronoun in the present tense. By this statement He says that He is in a state of existence. For us who live in space-time, this is a concept that is difficult to comprehend. From our experience, everything has had a beginning in time. Yet Jesus said He always exists.

Before His Ascension He prayed “Holy Father, keep through your own name those whom you have given me that they may be one as we are [one]. John 17:11. Since He is one with the Father, He is in existence with the Father in a state outside of space-time that has no beginning or end. It is an ever present state.

From the perspective of Christ after creation He said of Himself in Rev 1:8 “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, says the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty”.

Christ, therefore, exists in the heavenly realm outside of time but also exists in time from the beginning until the end of creation.

Jesus addressed his prayer to His Holy Father thereby recognizing himself as His Son. As such He was entrusted with His Fathers full estate, that is, the entire creation.

Jesus said in John 7:29 “… I know him: for I am from him, and he has sent me”.

So God sent Him into the world as creator.

These things saith the Amen, (an expression of absolute trust and confidence) the faithful and true witness (Christ) the beginning of the creation of God Rev 3: 14

Since Christ is the incarnation of Love and since He is the beginning of creation, then, Love is the foundation for the creation of space-time.

Everything else followed because Love is creative.

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