Unmitigated Disaster

Add 32 million people to the healthcare system without the necessary additional infrastructure to handle them and what do you get?  A disaster.  It takes a minimum of eleven years of schooling to become a primary care physician.  Many of the uninsured have pre-existing conditions already and physicians are going to order enough tests to minimize their legal exposure.  Healthcare costs will exceed estimates thus causing further damage to the economy.  Many doctors will retire early and further exacerbate the shortage.

Nearly five years after conventional peak oil and the population still does not get it.  Thank the media and legislators who continue to shove the problem into the future.  $85 oil is a warning sign.  Automobile sales in China in March jumped up 55.8% year-on-year to a record 1,735,100 units.  China pushed past the U.S. to became the world’s largest auto market for the first time last year as vehicle sales rose nearly 50% to 13.6 million units, due in large part to government incentives.  China’s overall vehicle sales could rise to 16 million units this year if demand continues to grow.  Total auto sales in the U.S. fell 21% last year to 10.4 million.  Many of China’s sales are to first time buyers, new users of oil.  Unless something happens unexpectedly, oil will rise to $100 soon.

Sovereign bond rates for Greece jumped to 7%.  The Eurozone is trying to keep the wheels on the wagon but this is symptomatic for municipal debt around the world.  California is worse off than Greece.  Major banks still have those bad debts on the books at cost rather than market value thanks to the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

The stimulus dollars of 2009 have just about run their course.  Unemployment remains stubbornly high since Main Street has not enjoyed the stimulus as other sectors of the economy, mainly government.

Definition of “Dollar”:  371.25 grains of silver (from Spanish milled dollar) or the value thereof.  This is the definition referenced in the Constitution of The United States.  Federal Reserve Notes are not “Dollars”.  Is this misrepresentation or fraud?  The Law of Biblical weights and measure are being broken.

The budget deficit is $1.9 Trillion and will get worse.  With an aging population moving to retirement, promises of Social Security and Medicare will either bankrupt the country or the recipients, or both.  The current pension shortfall is north of $3 Trillion and who will step up to bail this sector out?  The day of reckoning will arrive and will probably occur over a weekend.

Since 2000, gold has had an average annual appreciation of 17%.  Name another investment during this period with this performance.  The media has not reported on this success because it is an indictment against the Dollar.

These complexities are moving toward a “collapse” scenario and each of us needs to seek Our Heavenly Father for personal direction of preparation for change.  HE knows what, where, when, and how… nobody else has a clue!

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