Another Report from Brazil

The situation now is that part of truckers have taken a break and supplied food and fuel, others remain paralyzed in reserved areas. Facebook blocked people from posting videos of the population and other sectors’ protests in the country; Youtube also blocked others who were helping and supporting the civil unrest openly. But instant message apps and whatsapp groups of truckers and supporters are spreading news of another paralyzation next Monday and that people should stock food. The government raised fuel prices and deluded truckers with ridiculous deals. Truckers and part of the population still call for intervention as MSM (mainstream media) demonize them. Many don’t believe the military will intervene saying they are sold out, but others strongly affirm that God is in this and will surely use them and that the pyramid is going to be toppled. Soldiers’ mothers have informed last week their sons were called to the HQs.

Our fervent prayers for those in need availeth much no matter what country they reside in.

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