Rest: Final

The word clearly tells us, “Tradition makes the word of God to no effect.” If you sense restlessness, ask the Lord why and be careful that your traditions and soul ties do not impede your destiny. Anything growing will change, be open, be flexible, be willing to change. The Spirit of God is moving to and fro upon this earth, setting order and change in the church. He is moving even now to fulfill His great plan. If you sense restlessness and a sense of departure from what has been normal and traditional in your spiritual life, no doubt God is launching something new. As you seek Him with an open heart, His direction for your life will become clear. Many, for the first time in life, are realizing ‘callings’ in non-traditional church settings – business, finance, media, politics, medicine, etc.,


Is much chaos around you? Are you facing one challenge after another? Does hell seem to erupt against you in routine fashion? Do you see the world in greater levels of decay? The systems of men are dying; Babylon is falling and chaos spills over this planet is grand fashion. Could it be the chaos will get worse; the attacks against us more fierce? The answer is “absolutely!” Chaos is the new normal. “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds…” Again, chaos is the new normal, but His elect will stand up, stand strong, and stand out as lights in an ever darkening world. Masses will run to the light!!!

On the surface more chaos seems devastating; but as always, the devil overplays his hand. As the chaos increases, so too does our rest (in Him). In fact, we are learning that a divine upgrade is offered; a deeper, more abiding, continuous place of rest; above the fray, beyond the reach of the flames that roar around us. As Shadrack, Meshack, and Abendigo, the furnace is ten times hotter but the heat cannot touch us. How can this be? Hope deferred makes the heart sick, we are weary beyond words, how can we sustain these attacks? The answer is simple – we cannot! Praise God: We can no longer stand on our own two feet!

There is a Master Key to all Kingdom advancement, upgrade, achievement and it is found in Isaiah 46. Those who cling to ‘man dependency’ in any way, most often self, will find this form of idolatry extremely hazardous to health. YOU are not equipped to fight this battle. However, the upgrade is “Resting in the knowledge that He has upheld us since conception, carried us since birth; even to old age and gray hair” (see Isaiah 46). He made us, carries us, rescues us, and sustains us. He and He alone is our righteousness and salvation. As we seek first the Kingdom we are also implored to seek His Righteousness (right standing with God). Verse 13 of Chapter 46 in the Book of Isaiah is a Master Key. “Positional Rest” are words that come to me. Righteousness is a result of “positional rest,” seated with Him in Heavenly places far above all principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. When this position is realized and accepted, REST is the result, proper government is established within us, and restoration (being totally restored) comes.

Read verses 12 & 13 of Isaiah 46 – He is bringing about His righteousness. We are not to just seek first the kingdom of GOD but also “His righteousness, And then all these things shall be added…And his salvation shall not tarry.” We won’t wait long to see the manifestation of His salvation noted in verse 13. ‘His righteousness,’ right standing IS the awareness of being seated with Him in heavenly places – this is the faith of resting in GOD. The Lord is my Shepherd (my friend and companion), and I am seated next to Him with Jesus in a spiritual place (you are watching what is happening below). This awareness is positional rest – the knowledge of ‘where you are.’ REST is knowing where you are. REST is our new weapon: REST is righteousness (seated far above all aspects of earthly activity). Those who learn to live in His Rest will not only survive but thrive in today’s world of collapsing systems. Your rest is your weapon, causing you to soar far above the confusion and chaos of a decaying, dying world. God is preparing a banquet table before you in the presence of your enemies. You are ‘growing and becoming and you don’t even know how’ – it is just happening!

True Rest is the place of arrival (the City not built with human hands), where you no longer strive or try to achieve – you are content that your provider provides what He wants you to have, and whatever that is is enough. He is my defender, protector, healer, and provider – I need nothing else. In this, I REST!

THE POWER IS IN THE REST, being in His Presence, the secret place, the place of deeper encounters with Him. To REST is to soar with Him – the two go hand-in-hand. GREAT BREAKTHROUGH IS COMING TO THOSE WHO ENTER INTO HIS REST. The Captain of the Lord of Host is with you always; He will never leave or forsake you. Rest is the ultimate form of trust, even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death – He is with me. In this, I REST!


As the light of God continues to brighten through an awakening people in this dark world, the forces of darkness, assigned to shut down that awakening are also at work. They exercise, through our flesh, a shutdown of all God intends to do (through us). A powerful center of this attack is focused upon a yet un-surrendered part of our humanity – a part that clings to ‘self.’ The need to look out for ourselves denotes a lack of trust – it is a diabolical enemy of the advancing Kingdom in us. Man dependency (often self) is the old nature and of the world; just as God dependency is of our new nature and a product of Kingdom citizenship. To the extent one depends upon God, to that same extent is he walking in the realm of Kingdom government.

‘Rights’ are an entitlement issue. ‘Responsibility’ is a Kingdom issue – one decidedly wrapped in our old nature, the other in our new nature and Kingdom citizenship. Rights always focus on me, my, I; responsibility always focuses on God (always asking what is my spiritual responsibility is this situation)? When my concern is always ‘rights,’ seldom can I see spiritual responsibility in the same circumstance. A very important truth can be added: The two cannot occupy the same space! Circumstances don’t make us, but do reveal us. As earlier stated, Arthur Burt taught “God allows in His wisdom what He could have prevented in His power.” If indeed “all things are working together for my good,” I must exercise trust and discernment when circumstances arise that seem to work against me…the test is on, my steps are ordered, I MUST PASS THE TEST!

As the ever advancing Kingdom continues to rise and ‘awaken’ us, so too are we called to “shine” in our rise – there is purpose in the rise, even greater in the shine; yet many remain hung in suspension between the ways of the world (self life) and the ways of God (Kingdom). Being ‘hung up’ keeps us from rising up, and able to shine up (demonstrate the gospel through our lives). Our ‘hang-up’ is our inability to let go of self-preservation; clinging to a ‘rights-mindedness,’ virtually erasing our spiritual responsibility and subsequent growth in that very same situation. The spirit of entitlement is now pervading the earth as never seen in world history, yet as the world and many Christians are hung up on entitlements, many Kingdom citizens are learning Kingdom assignments by first accepting Kingdom responsibilities in situations they face – the test is on! How will a man receive the Kingdom of God? Through many, many test and trials – Acts 14:22. The test are many until we quit fighting to self-preserve. Once we die, we can live and walk in the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven – John 12:24. Every seed must first die that it might live and reproduce after its kind.

The word Kingdom and the word government are synonymous terms in most biblical uses, as the Kingdom in us is on full display when we walk in peace, righteousness, and joy in the Holy Spirit. When these three are nowhere to be found, somewhere along the way we strayed from the government of the Kingdom within us. This is costly; this is error but has consequences for our good if we attune our ear every time peace, righteousness, and joy escape us. In other words, the mistake can be our launch pad for growth if we simply recognize ‘why’ the peace, righteousness, and joy left to begin with. Often the culprit is turning to self instead of God. Situation after situation after situation comes UNTIL we finally surrender, and ultimately see God can be trusted in “all things.” When this point comes, we begin to see our spiritual responsibility in “all things;” as we surrender any and all rights in those same situations. The Kingdom arises, we shine through a demonstration of the word made flesh; bringing the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Perseverance is the character of a true Kingdom man, who recognizes opposition goes with the territory: fierce opposition goes with the calling!

Clay Sikes has provided us with another facet of maturing in Christ!

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