The Top 100 Churches

One of our contributors funded a mailing of “The Circumcised Heart of Love” to the Top 100 Churches in the U.S.  As those of you who have read the book know, the theme of “restoration of all mankind” is addressed.  The GOD of Love who designed and created each of us will restore us to Himself no matter what level of sin we commit.  The Blood of Jesus was sufficient!

I am convinced that the Revelation of Love will usher in the next age.  This revelation should not be withheld from the masses and those who have been selected to minister to them.  Will the book be read?  Only Our Heavenly Father knows.  Our job is to sow seed knowing that Our Heavenly Father will provide the increase.

People interested in Biblical numbers read books on the topic.  People interested in Faith read books to further their understanding.  People interested in the Revelation of Love will this book.  I find personally that when a book challenges a preconceived notion that the mind wants to hold on to, the book will not be read.  The ego does not like to be challenged.  It will be interesting to observe the results of yesterday’s mailing.

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