The Mind: Perpetual Limitation

Our Heavenly Father warns us about judging others with our own understanding: “Judge not, that ye be not judged”.  The world would have us live purely by logic which is dualistic by nature where everything is boiled down to “yes” or “no”.  This dualism is perpetuated by logic rather than Love.  Love by its very nature is infinite and thus the choices of life are rich with alternatives rather than just black and white, up and down.  The higher realm operates in the realm of infinity and as people pursue this higher realm of Love, the possibilities are infinite as well.  The lower realm of seed time and harvest are acceptable for those who want to continue in the mindset of scarcity but the higher realm is where the “action” is.

Structured thinking serves us in a structured world.  Man’s logic always moves us to structure and control… their control of course.  In the commercial environment, researchers are in a quest to find that perfect formula to insure success.  The mind wants everything to be based on a formula and/or a time cycle.  If only we could identify the ultimate formula and its timing!

Do you think Our Heavenly Father’s Love can be boiled down to a formula?  His Grace and Mercy defy formulas but pursue infinite possibilities and alternatives that simply defy our logic.  Man’s quest for formulas are partly to blame for history repeating itself time and time again.

Structure is not bad.  Time cycles are not bad.  The physical realm needs these two realities to function properly and provide us a basis to operate from.  However, passive acceptance of this lower realm as being the only realm is like eating cake without the icing.  The richness of the higher realm is where Jesus pointed us towards.  Bringing the Kingdom of God to earth was an indication to the people that there is a realm beyond the one we are existing in.  HIS Kingdom is one of health and healing, blessing not cursing, Love motivated actions, not controlled based manipulations.  The higher realm of Love commands the lower realm of control.  When properly used, control and structure serve their purpose just as the mind’s job is to bring about an orderly conduct of life.  The job of the mind is to record and administer, not to control and dominate.

When we constantly exercise our mind without exercising our Love, we limit our opportunities.  When we focus on the lower realm, we can be assured that we will not tap into the higher realm where Love, miracles, witty inventions, solutions, healings, and other aspects of Heaven are found.  Jesus operated in that higher realm and is our supreme example of what is available to him who looks upward to the Kingdom without limitation!

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