Dah-Var, the Orderly Word of Life

My friend Alan wrote:

A dear friend and devoted member of the Body of Christ asked me to give my understanding of the Hebrew word that is translated in scripture as ‘Deborah’. The following is my reply.

As you already know, ‘Deborah’, ‘Debra’, ‘Debir’, ‘Debi’, etc. are all various English expressions of the same Hebrew word, hrbd (deb-rah, see Strong’s #1700), and ‘deb-rah’ is the feminine expression of the verb rbd (dah-var, see Strong’s #1696). And the Hebrew verb ‘dah-var’ is often translated simply as ‘word’, ‘said’, ‘speech’, ‘spoke’, etc. ‘Dah-var’ is also translated many other ways, which all have to do with the Godly order that orchestrates our lives. It is also translated into English in ways that startle and confuse the religious mind.

The literal value of the verb ‘dah-var’ is in knowing that ‘dah-var’ establishes the proper order of a situation, or event or understanding. Quite simply put, ‘dah-var’ is a verb that represents ‘orderly arrangement’.   Our Father establishes ‘perfect order’ for us from which we benefit when we understand and pursue that ‘perfect order’.  That doesn’t mean that we will always, or maybe even never, succeed in understanding and performing that ‘perfect order’ in our own experiences.  But the value of ‘dah-var’ is in trusting that Our Father knows what ‘perfect order’ you need for your own personal growth and maturity.  Sometimes that ‘perfect order’ may include a period of chaos or turmoil or pain.  For most of us, sometimes that is the only way we will learn.  I can personally attest to that in my own life.  ‘dah-var’ is the perfect order for me in any given moment or situation.  It does not necessarily always have to be the same experience to always be Father’s ‘perfect order’ for re-organizing the mess I am making; or in trying to fix, with my own ‘wisdom’, the mess I have made.  The difficulty for all of us is in ‘hearing’ Father’s dah-var for us at the time we most need it.

‘Dah-var’ is the order we need for our mature walk, in and as Christ.  And please make no mistake about this; you are already the manifestation of Christ.  Christ lives in you, because Christ has been resurrected; in you, and as you.  You already are the manifestation of the resurrection of Christ.  Scripture insists that we understand that, and accept that.  We must cease comparing ourselves to the ‘Jesus’ we read about in scripture.  That is not who we are; you are you, and no one else.  You can compare yourself to no-one except the ‘you’ that existed before coming to know and accept Christ as savior and redeemer.  But that old ‘you’ has died to the demands of a carnal and lost existence, and has been resurrected into a quality of Life that has no beginning, and can have no end.  That is the Resurrection Life of Christ, and that Resurrection Life is the gift “of God”, and a gift from God.  Christ in you is God in your consciousness, your walk and your entire existence.  That is how we manifest Our Father in our lives. For Christ is the manifestation of the Father within.

Yashua told us, “My Father and I are One. I only do what I see My Father do; and I only say what I hear My Father say”.
Now; what does all of that have to do with ‘deb-rah’, ‘deb-orah’, ‘dib-rah’, etc., which are all different pronunciations and uses of the Hebrew word  hrbd?  ‘deb-rah’ is the feminine activity of manifesting ‘dah-var’ in your walk.  When we understand the ‘dah-var’, or benevolent order provided for us at any given moment, and we perform or act upon that ‘dah-var’, that action becomes feminine activity, expressing the value of the ‘dah-var’ as we best understand it, and as we are capable of performing it.  This does not indicate that we will always, and maybe even never, perfectly perform ‘deb-rah’ to our own satisfaction.  But when we are attempting to walk the walk of Christ as the Spirit leads us individually in our own adventures, that is our own ‘deb-rah’, and then “…all things work together for GOoD, to those who Love God and are called according to His purposes” [Rom. 8:28], and do not walk out our lives as if we are called to our own selfish and carnal desires and purposes.  We are all ‘deb-rah’ when we are attempting to hear and perform Our Father’s ‘dah-var’ for our lives.

There is, also, a deeper and purer and simpler expression of ‘dah-var’.  In the three-letter word ‘dah-var’, or rbd, the first letter, the ‘dalet’, represents a portal. Maybe it would help to see this word ‘dah-var’ like this: rb d.   Some like to refer to the ‘dalet’ as a door.  I much prefer the idea of ‘dalet’ as a portal, one which we may or may not determine to go through.  And the purpose of the portal in this compound word is to provide us access into the ‘bar’, or rb. The ‘bar’ is the ‘Son’, as revealed in Psalm 2:12.  “Kiss the Son,…”  The Hebrew word used in this verse, and translated as ‘son’, is ‘bar’, and represented by the two letter word of ‘beyt’ and ‘reysh’; or, rb. This two-letter word is used numerous times throughout scripture to indicate something that is pure and uncontaminated. It is also used to refer to the pure grain; corn or wheat or barley, etc., when all of the inedible or undesirable parts have been discarded.

The ‘bar’, or ‘son’, is the pure essence of the kernel of corn or wheat or barley; that which remains, and is desired and chosen as beneficial, after the chaff and husk and stalk have all been discarded.  The ‘bar’ is representative of the pure essence of the quality of Spirit Life we are desirous of, and striving to achieve.  It is that which, when consumed and identified with, provides the Spiritual nutrition and energy to continue to manifest a Christ Life via a Christ Walk.  The ‘dah-var’, as the perfect order for our walk, is also the ‘dalet’, or portal, into the understanding of ourselves as the ‘bar’; The Son.  The ‘son’ as ‘ben’, or !b is ‘built’; built up from all of the experiences and ‘learning-by-doing’ that go into making a practical and functional ‘son’, experienced in the ways of this chaotic world. However, the ‘son’ as ‘bar’ rb is representative of the purity of Spirit Life, revealed by Spiritual Revelation, and is only available as a gift, received by Faith, from Our Father.

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