Be Vigilant

Be vigilant in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.  On April 19th, 1995, I was just seven miles from the OKC false flag event.  From initial local news accounts, we knew the network news changed the narrative to cause people to believe the event was caused by one person only.  Not true.  The evidence was quickly eliminated before thorough analysis could be performed.  Local reporters were discredited and fired from their jobs in order to maintain the narrative.

There has been a warning of a possible event to occur soon.  Love is the only answer and we must trust Our Heavenly Father to keep us safe.  I believe this is one of the reasons for HIM to direct me to focus solely on Agape Love since December of 2005.  We will see challenges ahead which will cause panic and chaos.  The peace of Our Heavenly Father will see us through no matter what happens.

My trips abroad for the ten year period prior to December 2005 confirmed the veracity of Queue’s reporting.  I saw first hand what was behind the curtain.  Think for yourself.  FATHER’S current Cyrus is walking out the exposure plan.  His sly misdirection is not by coincidence.  Enough said.  Focus on The Word only!

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