Faith In What Realm?

Everyone has faith in something or someone but the only question is who or what?  Is your faith based on the sense realm or FATHER’S Word?  Are you moved by what you see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste?  Isn’t FATHER’S Word more reliable and trustworthy than the sense realm?  Didn’t FATHER’S Word create the sense realm in the first place?

Are physical issues specifically tied to those five senses?  Doesn’t FATHER promise healing which is superior to the sense realm?  Which realm are we going to give credibility to when it comes to our health and our survival?  If we are experiencing issues, is it because we have allowed the sense realm to overpower our faith in a particular area of our life?

How do we correct this situation?  Repent and quit allowing the sense realm to draw our focus away from FATHER’S Love and HIS promises to those who trust in HIM and HIS Word.  At some point, we will quit listening to the world at the expense of FATHER’S Truth.  Think about it!

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