Love And Being Led By The Spirit

There is great division in the U.S. between the two major political parties and the animosity between the two is increasing daily.  Each group cites examples of wrongdoing by the leadership of the opposition as the basis for their disgust with the system.  It has been two years since the leadership change in the White House yet there is no interest in unifying the country.  The U.S. is awash in crime and corruption by those who are classified in the “elite” with the latest scandal of college admission bribery and cheating coming to the forefront.  What is the solution to America’s problems?

I submit that according to Biblical history, a judgment of the country by Our Heavenly Father would be appropriate.  We must not fear a corporate judgment by FATHER because HE will protect HIS people as HE has in the past.  There will be suffering and pain but those who are led by THE SPIRIT will be lights to guide those in darkness when the chaos associated with judgment begins.

There have been many who follow the anonymous postings of “Q” and have been made aware of the severity of the corruption at the highest levels in government.  According to those postings, we are on the cusp of full exposure of the nefarious acts promoted by those individuals.  If true, this exposure will anger and further divide the country.  What will be required to heal the land?

Man has no solutions to the complexity of America’s woes.  The current economic system has been teetering on collapse for eleven years due to the excessive debt load instigated by government officials and large banks.  Who among us is smart enough to navigate the country through an economic reset?

Only Our Heavenly Father has the answers to the multitude of problems we face today.  The current system will work until it doesn’t!  What will trigger the reset?   What should I do to prepare for the major changes ahead?

The key to our future lies with hearing FATHER’S Voice.  You can spend all day searching Scripture for some formula for surviving but why not seek the SOURCE of the Scripture and receive a specific, relevant directive from HIM.  What should I be doing on a daily basis in preparation of what lies ahead?

First and foremost, we need to walk in Agape Love toward all.  We must not promote division among those with whom we come in contact.  Secondly, we must place a high priority in hearing FATHER’S Voice.  If you have difficulty in hearing HIS Voice, you might consider fasting and prayer.  Jesus endorsed fasting as a means in dealing with the more challenging Spiritual issues.  He found it necessary to fast before confronting the major challenges that would confront Him in His earthly ministry.  It pleased FATHER to lead Him into His fast.

It appears that every country will be affected by the current macroeconomic errors which have been made by central banks around the world so it would behoove us to be prepared for whatever happens.  The only sure way to be prepared is to seek FATHER’S Face and listen intently to HIS instructions.  This post is not intended to promote fear but instead to promote peace by being led by THE SPIRIT.  The remnant of Sons and Daughters has been placed here for a reason.  These are the ones FATHER will use to spread HIS Word when man’s systems fail.

When will all this take place?  FATHER has not told me but I am determined to keep my lamp trimmed with the oil of The Holy Spirit.  Each day I purpose to walk in Love and be led by THE SPIRIT.  I suggest you do the same!

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