Prophecy – Tic Tac Woe 6-5-2019 Lois Vogel-Sharp

The following is a prophecy which warns us of an impending economic collapse.  Will it occur, how will it occur, and when will it occur are all questions to be answered by The Holy Spirit in us.  Love is the answer to the fear that will grip the world when their trust in the world’s ways evaporates before their very eyes.

Mathematically speaking, there is no solution to the debt that currently exists throughout the world… it is clearly bankrupt in the strictest terms.  I warned those who would listen for ten years from 2006 to 2016 (849 posts) then FATHER had me focus solely on the revelation of Love.  Love will sustain us no matter what occurs in this world.  The greater the revelation of Love, the greater the peace we will walk in when adversity comes.

If this prophetic word does not witness with you, no worries, just set it aside.

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