Our beloved brother Alan was asked about Dorian and the August 31st Rolling Stones Miami concert:

My wife had to call me to tell me about Dorian. This morning I saw this, “…and the babe lept within my womb”.  Ray, could the “No Filter” also be understood as revealing what happens when there are ‘no restraints’ applied?  This smacks to me as an expression of exposing the licentiousness of apostate religion, and those that are appalled at the false manifestation of ‘godliness’, and are in rebellion against the bondages imposed by apostate religion, which functions within its ‘dor’ (monotonous routine gyrations).  I tend to believe that most of the ‘world’s’ vulgarities are rebellious towards a false manifestation of ‘religious piety’.  Could be wrong. Dorian has especially gotten my attention, because of the root association of the idea of ‘dor’, loosely translated as ‘generations; cycles; monotonous and meaningless gyrations’.  Dorian may just be an indictment against the ‘church’ that continues to cycle within its traditions (turditions anyone? Thanks, Ron!).  Traditions can be monotonous religious routines, rote and mundane cycles that “… make the Word of God of none effect through your tradition;”  Traditions are a very good description of what is conveyed in the Hebrew word ‘doror’, which has been translated not only as ‘liberty’, but in its shorter form of ‘dor’ is translated many times referring to people living out their lives “…just going around in circles”.  Hence, ‘doror’ (liberty) is the freedom to break out of the mundane cycles of monotonous religious routine (dor) that makes the Word of God of none effect. [Mark 7:13]  This hurricane, that appears to be headed for US, has a very pertinent ‘name’ attributed to its intentions.  I’m not sure what the intentions are, but the name intrigues me none the less. NKJ Genesis 7:1 Then the LORD said to Noah, “Come into the ark, you and all your household, because I have seen that you are righteous before Me in this generation (dor; Strong’s #H1755).     “Come out of her My People, and enter into your Christ Identity, and cease these monotonous routine religious gyrations that make the Word of God in you of no effect.” ps:  my ‘prayer’ request in all of this is that Father will allow the Messengers of God (angels; dispatched ones) to gather the four winds and disassemble and disarm this storm.  I’ve an idea, though, that this storm has an assignment that is beyond my ability to grasp at this moment.  I ask regardless….

Speaking of the Ark, we were led to visit the Ark on July 16th. It is the same size as the original.
The tour provided us with a greater appreciation of Noah’s assignment.

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