It is written by THE SPIRIT in Job 8:

5   If thou wouldest seek unto God betimes, and make thy supplication to the Almighty;

6   If thou wert pure and upright; surely now he would awake for thee, and make the habitation of thy righteousness prosperous.

Given that “betimes” is an unusual word which is either translated “early” or “diligently”, I asked my friend Alan to look at the original Hebrew word.  The following is his response:

Noah Webster lists ‘betime’ as this:    BETI’ME

BETI’MES, adverb [be and time, that is, by the time.]

1. Seasonably; in good season or time; before it is late.

To measure life learn thou betimes.

2. Soon; in a short time.

He tires betimes, that spurs too fast betimes.

Hopefully, now, the rest of what I say will make more sense.  Remembering that all Hebrew words/concepts come from a three-letter root verb, Strong’s numbered words #7835 thru #7842 are all dealing with the same concept; the same root idea.  And #7815 is also included in that same concept.  Your question involved Strong’s #7836, ‘shah-hkhar’, but all of the words in this grouping are dealing with the same concept or situation.  Hebrew didn’t know anything about Strong’s, or care.  These words are all addressing ‘darkness’, with the need for Light to overcome the ‘darkness’.  In my ‘theology’, all of scripture is addressing the spiritual darkness in ‘adam’.  All scriptures, even the ones that seem to be concerning a physical ‘land’, or objects, are dealing with the spiritual (or lack thereof) condition in man; ‘adam’.   ‘adam’ is in need of Spiritual Light to illuminate the darkness in ‘adam’.  And only Our Father is the source of Spiritual Light. To me, now, that is a ‘given’.  Spock would say, “That is an axiom”.  Or in other words, that is an obvious truth.  At least to me.

I shared a few days back “Re: 70 Nations Lamb Sacrifice on Mt Olives – YouTube”, the comments I included about Lucifer are dealing with this exact same word; shah-hkhar’.  In Isaiah 14:12 we read:  “How are you fallen from heaven, Lucifer, son of the morning”  In my Bible, translators punctuated that phrase with an exclamation mark, as if to indicate emphasis on the condition of how much ‘lucifer’ has fallen.  However, the Hebrew word translated ‘How’ in this verse is a question; an interrogative.   ?  Omitting the question characteristics of this verse, and making the verse an emphatic declaration, distorts the communication.  The question this verse is posing is this: “What has caused you, lucifer, to fall away from heaven”? Heaven is obviously a spiritual mindset; and attitude; and a personal identity.  So the question is posed; “What has caused you to fall away from the heavenly reality of life, and caused you to embrace this more negative and deteriorated concept of yourself”?  This question is of the same nature as Genesis 3:9.  “Where are you, ‘adam’? What has happened to you”?  The question is posed to cause us to ask ourselves “What thinking has brought me to this condition”?  Also, ‘lucifer’ is not referring to a personal identity, but is referring to a condition of the heart/mind.  My, how we have distorted the simple Truth of Our Father!

The Hebrew word translated as ‘morning’ in Isaiah 14:12 is the exact same word/concept translated as ‘betimes’ in Job 8:5. 

From the e-mail:  “And this is the condemnation, (condemned nation?), that Light is come into the world, and man loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil” (dark; black).  Lucifer was called “…son of the morning;”  The Hebrew word (shah-hkhar, Strong’s #7838) that is translated as ‘morning’ in Isaiah 14:12, in reference to the darkened mind of Lucifer, is also translated as ‘black’ in Zechariah 6:2 & 6.”  And this:  “Morning’ and ‘Darkness’ and ‘Black’ are all communicating the same Hebrew concept; an absence of Light, and therefore a need for Light.

We can add to that list the word ‘morning’ when it is translated from this same Hebrew verb ‘shah-hkhar’.  In Job 7:21, this word ‘shah-hkhar’ is translated as “…seek me in the morning”.

Another good example of this is Gen. 19:15:  “…when the morning arose,”.  Or in my own words, “When the darkness began to arise from off him,…”   Again; ‘morning’ and ‘darkness’ and ‘black’, when translated from this verb ‘shah-hkhar’, are all referring to the darkness that prevails when there is no Spiritual Light functioning in the individual.  Hence, ‘Lucifer, son of the morning’, should be better translated as “…lucifer, son of darkness”.  “What has caused you to fall away from heaven, lucifer, son of darkness”?  Again, “What thinking, or heart condition, has brought you to this condition, or state of mind”?  Is it maybe time to acknowledge that you are wrong?

Now, back to Job, and my own translation of the Hebrew language of 8:5.  “If you, manifesting darkness, seek God, El Shaddai will be gracious to you”.

 Summation:  If we, acknowledging our darkness, the darkness of our deeds and our thinking and our attitudes and our appetites, turn to Our Father, He will turn our darkness into Light.  However, if we continue to love our darkness, as ‘lucifer’, we will remain in torment.  For there can be no ‘heaven’ in me when the torment of darkness is prevailing in my appetites, attitudes and actions.  Incidentally, this condition is the exact and true condition of those referred to as ‘Luciferian’.  They are just filled with darkness, and aren’t yet ready to turn to the Light.

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