My friend Alan shared the following:

A few months back I began to be stirred about 2020.  In the James Bruggeman hosted Pentecost conference in Charlotte this year, I shared a message about what I thought was important, at least to me, about 2019.  Strong’s Concordance of Greek words of the New Testament lists #2019 as the Greek ‘epi-phoneo’, a word which describes the phenomena of having a ‘sound’, or understanding, super-imposed upon you.  This word describes hearing something you didn’t expect, and weren’t looking for.  This word describes having an understanding, or unction, imposed upon your consciousness that you weren’t seeking, or searching out.

In August of this year I noticed I was becoming more interested in what 2020 would bring into play.  The Strong’s Concordance of New Testament Greek words lists #2020 as ‘epi-phosko’.  ‘epi’ is a prefix that describes having something super-imposed upon your consciousness, or awareness.  ‘Phos’, the Greek word from which we derive ‘phosphorous’, has to do with ‘light’; natural light, or Spiritual/intellectual illumination.  So ‘epi-phosko’ could be perceived as having ‘light’ super-imposed into your experience, or understanding.  As I pondered this, I realized that Our Father, the Holy Spirit of Truth in Love, was equipping us to begin to ‘see’ with a clarity and understanding that we have not previously recognized.   We are beginning to ‘see’ (indeed, we already have begun), with Spiritual eyes, events and agendas and scenarios that have been previously hidden, or concealed from our understanding.  And as we begin to ‘see’ these situations for what they truly represent, also will come with that ‘vision’ the clarity of how to remedy, repair and restore Godly Order and Spiritual Harmony to our homes, towns, states and countries. 

NKJ Romans 8:19 For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.

I was awakened this morning, 12/8/2019, with the unction to share this idea.  God, Our Father, the Ultimate Ophthalmologist, is giving to us 20/20 Vision.  And with that enhanced Vision comes the knowledge / ’response ability’ of how to restore, with Holy Spirit Wisdom and Compassion, the Spiritual Order that Our Father ordained, from the Beginning, for our Garden Experience.  It’s good to See you.

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