A Warning

Beloved ones, listen to this instruction.  Open your heart to the revelation of this mystery that I share with you.  A parable and a proverb are hidden in what I say—an intriguing riddle from the past.  We must not hide the great marvels of FATHER from the rising generation for HIS miracles and power that have brought us all this far. 

Every generation needs to walk in a living faith in the laws of life so that they will never forget the faithful ways of Our Heavenly Father.  We must not be known as a stubborn, rebellious generation and whose spirits strayed from the eternal God.

Many in the current generation have refused to Love HIM with all their hearts.  Their words and actions confirm this sad reality.

The story of Israel is a lesson in FATHER’S ways.  Wisdom tells us in Psalm 78 how generations cycle through slavery to freedom and back into slavery by forgetting their reliance and trust in Our Heavenly Father:

9 Take, for example, the sons of Ephraim.

Though they were all equipped warriors, each with weapons,

when the battle began they retreated and ran away in fear.

10 They didn’t really believe the promises of God;

they refused to trust HIM and move forward in faith.

11 They forgot HIS wonderful works and the miracles of the past,

12 even their exodus from Egypt, the epic miracle of HIS might.

They forgot the glories of HIS power at the place of passing over.

13 GOD split the sea wide open, and

the waters stood at attention on either side

as the people passed on through!

14 By day the moving glory-cloud led them forward.

And all through the night the fire-cloud stood as a sentry of light.

15–16 In the days of desert dryness he split open the mighty rock,

and the waters flowed like a river before their very eyes.

HE gave them all they wanted to drink from his living springs.

17 Yet they kept their rebellion alive against GOD MOST HIGH,

and their sins against God continued to be counted.

18 In their hearts they tested God just to get what they wanted,

asking for the food their hearts craved.

19–20 Like spoiled children they grumbled against God,

demanding HE prove HIS Love by saying,

“Can’t God provide for us in this barren wilderness?

Will he give us food, or will he only give us water?

Where’s our meal?”

21 Then God heard all their complaining and was furious!

HIS anger flared up against HIS people.

22 For they turned away from faith and walked away in fear;

they failed to trust in HIS power to help them when HE was near.

23–24 Still HE spoke on their behalf and the skies opened up;

the windows of heaven poured out food,

the mercy bread-manna.

The grain of grace fell from the clouds.

25 Humans ate angels’ food—the meal of the mighty ones.

HIS grace gave them more than enough!

26–27 The Heavenly winds of miracle power blew in their favor

and food rained down upon them;

succulent quail quieted their hunger as they ate all they wanted.

28 Food fell from the skies, thick as clouds;

their provision floated down right in front of their eyes!

29 HE gave them all they desired, and they ate to their fill.

30–31 But before they had even finished,

even with their food still in their mouths,

God’s fiery anger arose against them,

killing the finest of their mighty men.

32 Yet in spite of all this, they kept right on sinning.

Even when they saw God’s marvels,

they refused to believe God could care for them.

33 So God cut their lives short with sudden disaster,

with nothing to show for their lives but fear and failure.

34 When he cared for them they ignored him,

but when he began to kill them, ending their lives in a moment,

they came running back to God, pleading for mercy.

What is this generation going to be remembered for?  Are we going to rise up in full maturity or forget FATHER’S Love and protection?  Are we going to honor and reverence Our Heavenly Father or allow the enemy to gain ground in the war to expand witchcraft around the globe?

Those who have fallen asleep at the wheel need to wake up and get their priorities corrected.  Those who have been given sheep to protect must repent and take a stand for righteousness and lawfulness.  Silence is not the answer.

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