A Technology Warning

FATHER has been dealing with me in a significant fashion about reliance on both technology and the Internet.  Some may recall me mentioning the “watch” date of July 5th.  I cannot say at this time if there will be a significant event for any others besides my family.  However, the ongoing message about technology failure has been significant.

Those who have data/files/records on their PC’s should back them up without delay.  It is always a good idea to have a fresh backup of important data you keep on your computer.  I am taking steps to do the same even though it is a pain to take time away from other activities.

I recall FATHER giving me a similar warning in the late 1980’s and I delayed taking action.  I procrastinated and it cost me dearly.  For whatever reason, I am not to delay concerning this warning. 

We have experienced multiple, diverse technology failures since the initial warning, all were minor and had no lasting effect.  It has actually become laughable as each failure has occurred.  However when an angel intervenes and sets a “watch” date, I cannot disregard it.  How will the event or events transpire?  I have not been given any details but that is no issue to me.  I will simply be prepared for whatever transpires.

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