The Big Picture: Light Versus Dark Part 1

My Beloved Brother Steve wrote this paper and I am sharing it in installments with you:

The report is comprised of 2 major themes:

1. The COVID-19 outbreak is not an isolated event. It’s a device that has been mobilized by spiritual powers to achieve a spiritual strategic objective.

2. Jesus is not reacting to the COVID-19 Pandemic. He’s ahead of the curve and is, instead, leading it to His intended outcome.


“And the serpent cast water like a torrent out of his mouth with eloquence in speech but like the point of a sword back, behind and after the woman, My Wife, My Lady, so as to manufacture and cause her to be carried away by the stream.

“But the physical earth and land that operates in material time and space heard the urgent cry of distress and quickly came to give immediate aid to the woman, My Wife, My Lady; and the physical earth and land that operates in material time and space opened its mouth with eloquent speech like a point of a sword and consumed, devoured and destroyed the torrent which the dragon, the seeing one, cast out of his mouth. “So the seeing one, the dragon, was enraged, fixed in

anger and settled in opposition with the woman, My Wife, My Lady, and went off to make war with her remaining seed and offspring who watch over to guard, maintain and preserve intact the orders and commands of God and hold to the witness, testimony and reputation of Jesus.” (Revelation 12:15 – 17)

“You cannot give the right answer until you first ask the right question.”

(Circa 1985)

Whenever something bursts onto the scene with the force to carry away, the wise response is to not be carried by it but to take a step back to observe the bigger picture WITH Jesus while asking why? This is the mind that seeks wisdom – the way God thinks.

So, that’s what we will do. We’ll take a step back to observe the bigger picture WITH Jesus while asking:

Is the coronavirus outbreak an isolated event or is it part of something bigger than itself?

If the answer is the coronavirus outbreak is an isolated event, an unfortunate mishap of nature, then our work is done. The world is doing the best it can under the circumstances.

However, if the answer is the Virus is a part of something bigger than itself then that consideration poses a different set of factors that must be examined more closely. Included among them is the sobering realization that to be a part of

something bigger means the part is a necessary component to achieving the bigger. This moves the isolated event from an unfortunate mishap to a product of intelligent design, one that possesses the key building blocks of strategy – intent, purpose, means, outcome and the mobilization of resource.

This changes the equation because strategy only exists in a competitive environment where one party is attempting to gain advantage over another. In non-lethal engagements, like in sports or business, it’s called competition. In lethal engagements, like with nations or kingdoms, it’s called war.

Strategy is a military term that comes from the Greek word, strategia, which means “art of the general or generalship.” The art of strategy is that it is comprised of stratagems – schemes, devices and maneuvers designed to trick or outwit an opponent. Misdirection is the core function of stratagem. Its purpose is to make the opponent think one thing while another is happening. Anything can be used as a tool to misdirect, but whatever first catches the eye or is the first conclusion drawn by the mind is usually the misdirection when stratagem is in play.

Strategy, then, is an artful plan devised by a sophisticated command leader to achieve a predefined outcome by outwitting his adversary. The presence of strategy not only affirms intent but also serves as a window into the command leader’s objectives and attitude toward his adversary.

And so, the existence of strategy is a big deal because it reveals adversarial intent. By necessity, then, it shifts the focus from examining random events to determining the strategy’s source. Because strategy is a product of intelligent design, there can be only two sources or origins from which strategy can be devised: Human or Spiritual.

Human Origin

A strategy that has a human origin is exactly what it implies: It’s human. And so, it only serves a human interest and thus only affects the physical earth, which operates in and is confined by time and space. This encases the strategy within the confines of the earth, which, by spiritual standards, then makes the strategy a short-term, nonessential venture.

The list of humans or human entities capable of devising, commanding and executing a strategy of the Virus’s reach and magnitude are few – the ultra-rich, covert operatives, multinational corporations, nation states. When the element of defense (if found out) is added, the list narrows to a single option – nation states. Only they have the sophistication, motive, callous nature, defense capability and wherewithal to pull off a pandemic-type strategy that has the ability to alter the geo-political balance of power for generations to come.

When considering the potential candidates of nation states that can originate and carry out this kind of strategy, the list is also few. This shifts the human origin focus to identifying the nation or nations that benefit most from the strategy’s effect and outcome, and who also have the ability to mobilize business and institutional interests to advance the scheme.

By way of example, as of the release date of this writing the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide is over 10.5M of which over 500,000 have died. It didn’t take long for the US to become the most infected nation, which now has over 2.6M confirmed cases and over 127,500 deaths. So, the US – the most medically advanced nation in the world – that represents only 4.25% of the world’s population, has nearly 25% of the world’s confirmed cases and more than 25% of its deaths. That’s a 6 to 1 ratio.

This is a fascinatingly disproportionate statistic, especially when compared to China where the coronavirus originated. China represents 18.5% of the world’s population and yet has reported only 85,200 confirmed cases with 4,650 deaths.

So, the nation that’s nearly 4 ½ times larger than the US, has about 3% as many confirmed cases with 3% as many deaths as the US.

The statistical anomaly exists between cities, too. Wuhan, the Chinese city where the coronavirus broke out has a similar metropolitan area population (19M) as NYC (20M). Yet, Hubei Province, where Wuhan is located, has reported 68,000 confirmed cases with 4,500 deaths, while NYC has reported over 483,000 confirmed cases with 38,000 deaths. So, while comparable in population, Wuhan has 14% as many confirmed cases with 12% as many deaths as NYC.

So, the country and city where the coronavirus broke out have both experienced a fraction of the health effects as the US. China could, of course, be hiding their real numbers, but then that would be a marker of strategy, which shows intent.

In addition to the health impact of the strategy, there’s also the economic impact. This has leveled the economic playing field between the world’s two biggest economies – the US and China. It also has supported China’s decades-long objective of gaining economic parity with the US in route to achieving its goal of becoming the dominant political and economic power in the world.

There are other indicators that China is the prime beneficiary of the Virus’s economic impact. On October 11, 2019 – three years after Trump’s election – he announced that the two nations had agreed to a new trade deal that was largely imposed on an unwilling China by an economically superior US through Trump’s tariff strategy. Then:

• 37 days later on November 17, 2019, the first coronavirus case surfaced in China’s Hubei Province. It quickly spread to the international business, mobile tech and biotech center of Wuhan, China, and then from there to the rest of the world, especially to the US, which had a heavy business presence in Wuhan.

• 3 months later the US economy locked down wiping out the 3 year, $7T gain under Trump’s presidency.

• On March 11, 2020 – 5 months to the day from Trump’s announcement – WHO (the World Health Organization) declares COVID-19 a global pandemic.

Within 6 months of the trade deal announcement, the Virus that originated in China had neutralized the US’s cudgel of economic might resulting in a reversal of roles. The offensive player (US) was now put on the defensive, and the defensive player (China) was now on the offensive compliments of the new, leveled economic playing field.

Then, 2 ½ months later, a strengthened and emboldened China proved the point. In the face of its now weakened and distracted adversary whose economy had been crippled by the coronavirus, China aggressively advanced its economic ambitions by passing a National Security Law that tightened its grip on the economic powerhouse of Hong Kong.

On all fronts – health, economics, power – China (with its business and institutional allies) appears to be the strategy’s biggest winner while the US appears to be its biggest loser.

Of greater concern, however, is that these fronts have been lethal. This gives the strategy the markings of a war strategy, which raises the stakes for everyone in the world who is being encased by the strategy’s human architect. These are the kinds of factors that must be examined and calculated if one concludes the strategy has a human origin.

And then there’s Saudi Arabia.  Strategy…

Spiritual Origin

As a human origin strategy serves a human interest within the confines of the physical earth, so a spiritual origin strategy serves the interests of the spiritual kingdom that conceived it. So, whatever happens in the earth related to the strategy, the source and power behind that activity is spiritual.

This is what’s happening with the coronavirus.

The people, institutions and nations of the world are but pawns in a game that is bigger than they are. And so, while thinking their actions are serving their interests, they and their actions are, in reality, only serving the interests of the spiritual architect that conceived the strategy – the kingdom of darkness.

“Because to us the wrestling, struggle and conflict is not against flesh and blood, but against the originating chief rulers; against those delegated with authority to act in a designated jurisdiction; against the world rulers who influence the lives of people; against this spiritual darkness of pain-ridden evil and wickedness in the heavenly realm.” (Ephesians 6:12)

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