The Big Picture: Light Versus Dark Part 3

My Beloved Brother Steve continues and I share it in installments with you:


“And so, the heavens and the sky, the physical earth and land, and the whole and all of the army organized for war and warfare were completed, finished and

accomplished.” (Genesis 2:1)

It’s a fascinating thought to consider that YHVH incorporated into His creation Plan the formation and organization of an army for war and warfare before He rested on the seventh day. In other words, He didn’t rest until His army was built,

made ready and fully equipped to defend not only what He had just created but also the Plan He had devised to achieve His Father’s Vision. So, before the first conflict or challenge was even formulated or engaged, His army was already fully prepared, equipped and positioned to win.

This is what it looks like to be ahead of the curve. And it’s why Jesus never reacts. He doesn’t have to. He pro-acts. Pro-acting is a term used to describe the pro-action’s ability to cause every other related action to contribute to the pro-action’s

intended outcome.

This is what makes the outcome of Satan’s war against God, His Man and His Kingdom inevitable. Every action taken by God, His Man or His army, and every reaction to them by Satan and his realm, will always contribute to the success of

YHVH’s pro-action in the beginning. And so, everything, no matter how hostile it might be, can’t help but contribute to the outcome YHVH intended when He pro-actively spoke it.

The Apostle Paul described this astounding reality like this:

“Now we know, perceive and are aware by seeing with our physical eyes the spiritual truth and reality that for the ones who prefer to Love the God that the God works together as a fellow partner to bring down exactly complete each and

every part of the totality of good to those who are called, summoned and set forth in advance for a specific purpose.”

(Romans 8:28)

As it always has been, so will it be with the coronavirus.


A reaction is a second action that follows a first action. So, the one acting second becomes the follower of the one acting first, whether they realize it or not.

This is why Satan cannot win: He’s a follower who can only react.

Think about it.

He followed YHVH into the Garden of Eden.

He followed YHVH about what He said about dying.

He followed YHVH in His suggestions about Job.

He followed the Magi into Bethlehem.

He followed Jesus into the wilderness.

He followed Judas out from the Last Supper.

He followed the executioners of Jesus to the cross.

In each instance and to his great regret, Satan and his realm reacted their way into contributing to the success of that portion of God’s Plan for that time. And as he did, he was fulfilling the wisdom of God’s pro-action from the beginning.

“A wisdom that not one of the preeminent rulers of this age has come to know, recognize or perceive by personal experience. For, if they had known, recognized or perceived it by personal experience, they would never have crucified the Lord of praise, honor and glory.” (1 Corinthians 2:8)

So, Satan is a follower and he does what followers do – they end up where the Leader is taking them. Here’s why: The kingdom of darkness is comprised entirely of created beings. As such, Satan’s realm lacks the inherent ability to create out of nothing, which is an aspect of pro-acting.

What this means in practical terms is that to do his deeds, Satan can only use what already exists. And these already existing things are all reactions to the first action that created them.

Even as the first Liar, his lie was a reaction to a pre-existent fact or truth of what YHVH had said. (Genesis 3:1) As the first manslayer, Satan’s murder of Eve was a reaction to the preexistent life that YHVH had first given to His Man. (John 8:44)

So, it doesn’t matter what Satan does or what strategies he devises, or what resources he uses. Each and every one of them already exist.

And so, since they are all reactions they must follow the intended outcome of the first pro-action that created them out of nothing – to contribute to the success of our Father’s Vision that His Man would rule WITH Him in the fullness of His Nature and Character.

This is why it never enters Jesus’ mind to react to anything, let alone the coronavirus or the pandemic it has spawned. Instead, the Virus is a reaction to Him and what He’s doing through The Transfer. He’s so far ahead of the curve that while others who are operating apart from Him are re-acting their way to the Virus’ strategic objective (fear and panic), Jesus is leading it and the kingdom of darkness that devised it to His intended outcome.


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