The Big Picture: Light Versus Dark Part 7

My Beloved Brother Steve continues:

The Quality and Classes of the Two Kings

To understand what Satan was thinking about when he devised his Leverage Strategy, we should take some time to first understand how YHVH structured the classes of living beings in His creation. Once we see the structure, we’ll then see why Satan (foolishly) thought this was a winning strategy.

Everything about the structure and operation of the creation is designed to accomplish our Father’s Vision – that His Man would rule His creation WITH Him in the fullness of His Nature and Character. So, in Satan’s mind, if he could collapse this structure then he could defeat God’s Vision.

When YHVH created His beings, He structured them in 3 separate and distinct classes:

• The Elohim Class

• The Angelic Class

• The Animal Class

The Elohim Class is the highest class in God’s Kingdom. It’s the Ruling Class. The living beings in this Class possess the capabilities (Image) and attributes (Likeness) of the Father. The Angelic Class is the Ministering Class. It is subordinate to and serves the interests of the Elohim Class. The living beings in this class support the rule and execute the wishes of the Elohim Class in the spiritual realm.

The Animal Class is the Serving Class. It is subordinate to and serves the Elohim and Angelic Classes. The living beings in this class serve the earth and the interests of the Elohim in the physical realm that operates in time and space.

Each class is to fulfill its responsibility in a coordinated, harmonious way with the other classes to achieve the Father’s Vision under the Reign of YHVH.

To complete the structure, YHVH added Categories – Order, Rank, Position, Role, Authority, Domain (Jurisdiction) – to organize His beings, and to provide placement and purpose for each one within its Class.

The composition of a being’s Class and Categories, in combination with their internal make up, makes up their person. Each person in the Kingdom of God is distinct from all others. Thus, they are a one-of-a-kind creation that is uniquely equipped to execute the role they have been assigned to perform in the Kingdom. The totality of their person is then captured in their Name.

By way of example, YHVH’s Name is unique among all the names in the scriptures because He is a Being who is, after all, unique from all others. His Name is an acronym where each letter represents an aspect of His Heavenly Name that is unpronounceable by the human tongue. This Name is the repository of the totality of His Person, which the scriptures attempt to describe through the phrase, YHVH Adonai Elohim Elyon (YHVH Lord Most High of the Elohim).

But, even this description isn’t capable of capturing the totality of YHVH’s Person as He demonstrated through His encounter with Pharaoh. As you may recall, Moses wanted to know what name he was to give of the God who sent him to Pharaoh if Pharaoh happened to ask. In response, YHVH didn’t have Moses tell the Egyptian king His Name. Instead, He had Moses inform Pharaoh of the totality of His Attributes and Person through two words: I AM.

Those words made clear to Pharaoh that he wasn’t dealing with any of the deities that Egypt had constructed. Rather, he was dealing with the Divine – the One Who exists, the One Who is, the One Who becomes and the One Who comes to pass. And then YHVH showed Pharaoh what it is to be I AM. (Exodus 3:14)

Jesus did the same thing to the mob of more than 300 who came with knives and clubs to take Him away to be crucified.  When He asked them whom they had come for, they replied, “Jesus.” And, when He responded with, “I AM” it knocked them all to the ground on their backsides. (John 18:3 – 11)

And so, just as the Father delegated all authority to YHVH Adonai Elohim Elyon – YHVH Lord Most High of the Elohim – so Jesus delegates a measure of that same authority to each member of the Elohim Class so they can rule the Father’s creation WITH Him according to their Order, Rank, Position, Role, Authority and Domain (Jurisdiction).

Man is a member of the Elohim Class. He is NOT a member of the Animal Class as the educational system of the world has taught. And, the Order of Man (both male and female) is the highest Order in this Ruling Class.

It is this Ruling Class authority that Satan wants to seize control of and leverage against Jesus, the Superior King. But, the Father is the One who assigned to the Superior King His Name, the repository of the totality of His Person – Jesus (“YHVH saves”). (Matthew 1:21)

This Jesus then described Himself as “the Son of Man” making “YHVH who saves” inseparably one with God’s Man.

The Apostle John described this convergence through the metaphor of the Word (Logos). This Word was WITH the Father in the beginning. As the Father spoke, so He spoke. Being the embodiment of the Father’s Word, He was God (Lord Most High of the Elohim). As the Most High Elohim, He was assigned to create all things and apart from Him nothing was created. This same Word (YHVH) then “became flesh” in the Person of Jesus as “the only begotten of the Father.”

So, “in the fullness of time,” the Son of God (YVHV) became the Son of Man (Jesus) to complete YHVH’s decree – that God’s Man would be made in the Image and Likeness of the Elohim. (John 1:1 – 18; Genesis 1:26 – 28; Philippians 2:5 – 11; Galatians 4:1 – 7)

The Father’s Vision was now accomplished in His Son who was now positioned to rule not only the Heavens but now also the Earth. This Son would then accomplish the same WITH the “many sons” who would follow after Him. The Son of God who became the Son of Man and who conquered the last enemy (death) was now given the Name that is above every Name – Jesus YHVH Lord Most High of the Elohim. 

This is the quality and class of the Superior King.

“Moreover, Jesus approached and came near to visit and spoke to them saying, laying the argument to rest, ‘Each and every part of the totality of authority and delegated power has been given to Me in the realm and sphere of heaven, and for what aptly fits and applies for the envisioned contact on the earth.’

” ‘Therefore, transport from one destination to another each and every part of the totality of every race and nation, developing, training and immersing them in the Name, Authority and Cause of the Father, the Son and the Spirit that is different from the world.’ “ (Matthew 28:18, 19)

As for the inferior king (Satan), he is a created being of the Angelic Class. And, it is precisely because of the placement and duties that YHVH assigned to his class that Satan has become so irreconcilably hostile toward YHVH and thus toward His Man.

Here’s why:

There are two primary factors that contribute to Satan’s temperament, which then governs what he does and why. First, Satan is an Angelic Class being, which makes him subordinate to God’s Man. So, Satan is not only lower than Man in Class, Order, Rank and Authority, he has been created to support the rule and execute the wishes of the Elohim Class in the spiritual realm, including Man’s.

So, it doesn’t matter how much Satan opposes or tortures or kills or deceives or steals or attempts to destroy God’s Man; Satan is still a Ministering Class being. By his very design, he cannot help but advance Man toward the Father’s Vision for His Man – that we would rule WITH Him.

This was and continues to be a deal-killer for Satan. In his mind the mere fact that he was the Covering Cherub who had been vested with the authority to cover and protect YHVH’s creation, especially in the Garden, made him superior to Man, not inferior. (Ezekiel 28:11 – 19)

But, instead of being superior, he was actually charged to minister to the needs of Man as a subordinate. This is what sparked his “enmity, hostility and hatred” toward Man that YHVH spoke of in the Garden. This, He said, would persist between “the seed of the woman and the seed of the Serpent” throughout the age. (Genesis 3:14, 15) 

So, Satan can’t help but hate and be hostile toward God’s Man, which inflames his obsession to rule Man.

Second, Satan has NO AUTHORITY TO RULE.  He is of the Ministering Class.

This presents the inferior king with an extraordinary dilemma.

On the one hand, he’s obsessed with ruling Man but on the other, he possesses no authority to rule. So, to rule, he must first secure the authority to rule from the Class that possesses the authority to rule – the Elohim Class.

Enter Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden who were members of the Elohim Class.  But, since Satan had no authority to rule, neither did he have the power to simply show up in the Garden and announce that he was taking over. Nor did he have the means to compel Adam and Eve to submit to his rule through some instrument of force.  And so, the inferior king had to devise an elaborate scheme using the mechanism of transaction to get God’s Man to voluntarily hand over what they had in exchange for what the inferior king was offering.

The First Adam bit, the Last Adam didn’t.

Such was Satan’s way then and such is his way now. So, for Satan to rule us and for his kingdom to direct and control the affairs of men, like what is happening now with COVID-19, two things must happen:

1. Man must willingly give Satan permission to use Man’s Elohim Class authority so the inferior king can rule Man and all that he has, and

2. Man cannot know he’s giving this permission. Transaction is the mechanism Satan and his kingdom uses to get Man to give them permission to use his Ruling Class authority. They offer and we accept.

Darkness is the way Satan keeps Man from knowing it.  The purpose and mission, then, of spiritual darkness is to keep hidden what would otherwise be easily seen if the lights were turned on.  It is in this domain of darkness where the spiritual powers of darkness devise their strategies, create their devices, and mobilize their resources to achieve their schemes. But, for this to work every scheme of darkness must achieve a singular mandate: To convince Man to allow the spiritual authorities of darkness to use his authority against him and thus against his God.

This is how leverage works and it is how the inferior king uses Man as a weapon against the Superior King.  Accomplishing this mandate, then, is nonnegotiable for the powers of darkness. Without it, they have neither the means to carry out their schemes nor the ability to rule.  As weird as this may seem, this is how it works.

Once a scheme secures the use of Man’s authority, it must be defended and sustained. So, every scheme is equipped with defenses to protect it from discovery and disruption.  These defenses are designed to ensure sustainability by repulsing, parrying or misdirecting any attempt to probe or discover the scheme’s source, means or purpose.

However, sustainability, itself, is a function of rulership. So, the powers of darkness must, again, gain our agreement to sustain on their behalf the very schemes and defenses they have devised for our destruction.

Each of these defenses is rooted in the very nature of Satan (in whom there is no truth) while being packaged as truth.  These are facts portrayed as truth but in reality are lies.  But, since Man is so thoroughly bent and trained to act on his own, he routinely binds himself to the rules of darkness.

These rules blind Man to the realities of what’s actually going on while granting the inferior king permission to use Man’s authority however the king wishes.  Man’s propensity that verges on an obsession to act on his own, especially when he justifies his actions on the authority of the scriptures, is why Satan believes his

Leverage Strategy is a winner.

COVID-19 is a perfect example of the inferior king playing out his Leverage Strategy. Man and the institutions of Man are acting on their own and so they are fighting in the dark.  Fear and panic have been set in place as lines of defense to protect against any meaningful probe into the Virus’s origin and strategic purpose while sustaining its advance.

The facts posing as truth – that the Virus poses such a threat to humankind that we must protect ourselves against it at all costs, even if it means bankrupting ourselves and our nation – is coming through the medical advisors who are insulated from scrutiny, which the press promotes. And so, the ones who know nothing about running a nation or economy are now the ones who are in charge of directing national and international policy.

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