The 411 on Taxes

The 411 (information) on 2010 tax realities is as follows”

You and I pay our “fair share” of taxes.

General Electric did not pay any:

You and I have no say in how our taxes are spent.  From a practical standpoint, Washington is shielded from the taxpayer.  There is so much data and information withheld from us for the “greater good” that we are unable to properly vote issues and political offices intelligently.  The Tax Code is so complex, only tax professionals can use the code to their benefit.  Large institutions lobby for special breaks that the general public is never aware of.  Last week’s negotiated spending cut was equivalent to a rounding error.

I believe that “fair share” means everyone pays a similar percentage of their gross income.  Currently lower income families pay nothing but use a greater portion of public assets and resources as a percentage.  There are many cases of welfare assistance where the recipient simply works the system.  Subsidizing laziness is not the solution to growth and prosperity.

The term “fair share” is really getting old.  Once Our Heavenly Father deals out righteous judgment based on “fair share”, I suspect that term will go by the wayside.