Testimonies of Your Giving

We continue to help impoverished kids with 100% of your tithes and contributions.  Since they cannot repay the assistance, FATHER takes on that responsibility and you cannot out-give Our Heavenly Father.

One comment provided to us:

We had to adjust our lunch schedules to make sure every grade could be in the cafeteria without mixing with other grades.  This meant that some grade levels had to eat earlier or later than usual.  This made snack time very important to get them through the day.  Unfortunately, we have many kids who can’t afford snacks or whose parents don’t remember to provide snacks each day.  Using your funds, we were able to purchase enough snacks to provide these daily to those kids who don’t have any.  It has ensured that every child is fed and ready to learn even if they forgot their snack that day.  Some kids will need this assistance every day.  Thank you so much for meeting this need.

Other comments:

Our purchase of journals and pens was funded by this donor. I will be sharing the journals/pens with students who come into my office that are struggling with anxiety/stress/loss.

The people that I have given the food gift cards to have deeply appreciated the cards – they said they came at a good time for them.

With your funds, we bought a student a pair of shoes since the soles of his shoes were worn out and “flapping”.  Thank you!

This is what Agape Love does!

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