The Appointed Heir

In the book of Hebrew chapter 1, it is written by The Holy Spirit:

1 Throughout our history GOD has spoken to our ancestors by his prophets in many different ways. The revelation he gave them was only a fragment at a time, building one truth upon another. 2 But to us living in these last days, GOD now speaks to us openly in the language of a Son, the appointed Heir of everything, for through Him GOD created the panorama of all things and all time.

If you want to mature as a Son or Daughter, you must pay close attention to the Words of Jesus for His Words are life to those who heed them and walk by them.  There is no other who can lead men to FATHER thus there is only one way to salvation, through Jesus Christ.

Have you ever noticed that network TV allows the term God but not Jesus?  The demons know the power in His Name and in His Blood.  They would love to snuff out the Name above All Names but they can’t.  Those who live in darkness are fighting a losing battle.

3 The Son is the dazzling radiance of GOD’s splendor, the exact expression of GOD’s true nature—HIS mirror image! He holds the universe together and expands it by the mighty power of his spoken word. He accomplished for us the complete cleansing of sins, and then took his seat on the highest throne at the right hand of the majestic One.

There is no way to interpret away these statements of Truth and facts.  You need no other mediator to take away your sins.  You need not pay someone to absolve your sin nor trust in another to cleanse you.  There is no intermediary between you and Jesus.  Why place your focus elsewhere?

Do you want to know the ways of FATHER?  Study the Words and acts of Jesus.

4 He is infinitely greater than angels, for he inherited a rank and a Name[m] far greater than theirs. 5 For God has never said to any angel what he said to Jesus:

“You are MY favored Son, today I have Fathered you.”

And this:

“I will be the Father to Him, and He will be the Son to ME.”

6 And again, when HE brought HIS firstborn Son into the world:

“Let all MY angels bow down before Him

    and kiss Him in worship.”

FATHER mentions the term “firstborn” thus Jesus is the first of many Sons.  For those of us who have eyes to see, we have become HIS Sons as well though we are at various stages of maturity.  We want to please Our Heavenly Father and make HIM proud of us as we go forth and imitate HIM by following Jesus as our Perfect Example.

Angels are subordinate to Our Savior and are meant to bring forth the implementation of His Word in our lives as directed from the Throne Room.  Since I have personally been delivered from certain death by an angel, you cannot convince me otherwise.  They are real and active today.

7 And about his angels HE says,

“I make MY angels swift winds,

    and MY ministers fiery flames.”

8 But about HISs Son, HIM called Him “God,” saying,

“Your throne, O God, endures forever and ever

    and You will rule Your kingdom

    with justice and righteousness,

9 For You have cherished righteousness

    and detested lawlessness.

    For this reason, GOD, your God, has anointed You

    and poured out the oil of bliss on You

    more than on any of Your friends.”

Jesus detests lawlessness and so should we.  To detest means to thrust away so we should remove ourselves from lawlessness and not support any person or thing that supports lawlessness.  Killing of babies in the womb is the epitome of lawlessness and we must not condone acceptance of this in any way.  We are to cherish righteousness and justice as Our Elder Brother does.

Where is your focus and priority?

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