More Testimonies Of Your Giving

We continue to help impoverished kids with 100% of your tithes and contributions.  Since they cannot repay the assistance, FATHER takes on that responsibility and you cannot out-give Our Heavenly Father.

A new comment provided to us:

Hi, I am so grateful for your generosity and kindness towards my family.  We were struggling, and the gift cards came at just the right time.  We were able to put food on the table and get some new shoes for my children to start school in.  It was such a relief to have that need met.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.  My family was blessed. Thanks You,

Another comment just received:

We had a student on our backpack food program who came to school with shoes falling apart.  The sole of one of the shoes was almost completely falling off and was dangerous for the child to wear.  We knew the family could not afford to run out and buy new shoes easily.  However, we were able to use some of the money donated to quickly purchase two new pairs of shoes for the student within two days.  The student was very excited to get new shoes. 

We also have many students needing snacks every day.  Since we are not able to share snacks as easily this year due to Covid, keeping a stock of snacks has helped make sure students are taken care of. 

What a blessing!!!

PS: FATHER is keeping a record of our acts of Agape Love toward these kids.

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