Impoverished Kids Update

The following testimonies are just three of many that our giving is accomplishing in assisting the impoverished kids.  There is no “red tape” and distribution is occurring through teachers and counselors who are seeing these kids every day.  The principals are all believers and thankful for our support of these kids!

Recently, some 4th grade teachers and I noticed a girl wearing cowboy boots.  Unfortunately, one of the soles had come loose from the toe to the arch of the boot.  This was very inconvenient for her and even dangerous on the stairs and at P.E.  We were able to purchase athletic shoes of her choice from Amazon.  She has worn them every day since!

A grandmother called out of concern for her daughter who is disabled and her grandson who attends our school.  The mother wants to be self-sufficient, however, this is not always possible.  The grandmother asked if we had a Christmas assistance program, so I added the daughter and grandson to that list.  I contacted the daughter to see if she was willing to accept this help.  During the call I also asked if she could benefit from a $50 food card and a $50 gift card to Walmart and she was extremely grateful.  The gift cards were delivered to her and I will follow up and contact her again in a few weeks to see if additional support is needed.

A grandmother called asking for her grandson, a student here, to be placed on the weekend food backpack list from the Regional Food Bank.  They have been working reduced hours for several months.  I offered a food card and a Walmart gift card.  She was so thankful that she came to the school immediately to pick up the cards.  This made it seem like the need was immediate and I was very happy to have access to the assistance that was needed. 

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