Approaching Critical Mass of Destiny

The inhabitants of the earth are quickly moving toward the point of unsustainability under the current paradigm.  Assumptions that prosperity is achieved by economic growth and expansion have just about run their course.  During the period of cheap energy this held true.  But with the current population growth and the end of cheap energy, the increasing scarcity of potable water, and the pollutants given off by current production, man’s destiny is at a crossroads.  Governments have produced cynical masses of people who cannot seem to find out the truth of the matter only to be given the excuse of “greater good” as the response for their actions.  Now, who is it that determines “greater good”?

The global economy is teetering on economic meltdown with all of the financial derivatives that have been created in an unregulated environment.  Unbridled money creation is sure to decimate generational savers who operated in a prudent manner and punish them for taking the right economic path.  Resource grabs by countries with strong militaries are upon us.  The illusion of the American Dream where everyone lives happily ever after has been perpetuated by television, movies, and the media and exported around the world with new technologies.  Simplification has been replaced by unsustainable complexity of technology.

Where’s the Love in all this?  Facebook doesn’t communicate the tender touch of two people in love, the hug from a grandparent to the grandchild, nor the loving, reassuring smile from a husband to a wife.  Wall Street has the ability with its access to virtually unlimited funds to manipulate the cost of food thus creating civil unrest in countries where food costs are a critical part of a family’s monthly expense.  Add a few little twitter comments that make the rounds among the young and impressionable and you have a toppled government.

What is the solution?  An outbreak of Love.  The revelation of Love is at a level above all the problems listed.  The solution to a problem is always at least one level of awareness above the level of the problem.  The problem would not have developed if there had been awareness at that level.  The only way for mankind to move away from this point of unsustainability is to gain an awareness that has proven to be elusive.  It has been elusive because man has preferred to live in an illusion rather than seek the reality found in the simplicity of Love.  The Scripture covers the many facets of the war of the carnal man against the spiritual man.  As long as the ego is in control, we are headed for a cliff.  But once Love assumes command, illusions will be shattered, mankind will move to a higher level of awareness, and solutions to all the problems that plague us today will become self-evident truths.

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