Impoverishing a Generation

The Federal Reserve is removing the wealth from an entire generation of savers at an alarming rate.  How are they doing this?  By forcing short term interest rates well below 1% at the same time inflating the currency by printing money thus pressuring prices for food, energy. and healthcare up by double digits (6-15%).  This results in confiscation of savings over the long haul.  The problem: “What alternatives can they invest in and protect their principal?’”

The U.S. will continue to issue a substantial amount of debt.  An American family’s largest debt is normally their mortgage debt which is supported by the asset value of their home.  The problem is that the housing market continues to weaken thereby driving housing values down and an increasing number of borrowers are upside down on their mortgage.  Couple this with the fact that the baby boomers are now wanting to downsize and get out of their mcmansions and you have a long-term trend of lower housing prices.  In order to stay competitive, homebuilders are seeking lower bids from subcontractors.  Some of those subcontractors are hiring illegal aliens from across the border to lower their costs.  In many cases the quality goes down faster than the price.  Also, the career construction subcontractors who obey the law are penalized and lose work.  Nobody can calculate the underlying cost of the dynamics of the current situation.

Social security payments are not an entitlement but are “insurance” payments obligated by the Federal Government in most cases.  Yes, there are those who paid in very little and have reaped much from the system.  However, most of us have paid in for 40+ years and some of us paid double as business owners.  We simply want the payments we deserve.  There are entitlement programs such as food stamps but social security is not one of them.

In order to prop up an unsustainable paradigm, the Fed will continue to print money and politicians will continue to promise entitlements at the expense of multiple generations.  Pain is coming.  The only question is how much pain will each of us suffer?  This pain will transition us into a new era.

Will this new era be the time that the overcomers take command?  I hope so.  There is a lot of cleanup work to do in the global arena.  Death and destruction are the methods used commonly around the world.  There is talk of removing excess population because of overcrowding and scarcity of resources to accommodate the current population.  We need wisdom from above to solve the problems we are currently experiencing.  Each of us needs to draw closer to Our Heavenly Father and seek HIS face.  The closer you are, the easier it is to hear and respond.  The answers are a whisper away.

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