Impoverished Kids Update

We are in the midst of spiritual warfare at this time in history, possibly one of the greatest times in history.  I am firmly convinced that the revealing of FATHER through HIS Sons and Daughters is at hand and we need to be fully prepared to step into that fullness now.

On October 30 FATHER instructed me to open the “treasury” so I did.  HE indicated that the proceeds from the 2nd census (conducted in 2013) were to be distributed to the families of the impoverished kids.  The coins were converted to US dollars and the proceeds were delivered to our distribution channel.  The monthly contributions were also added to the distribution.

The children will be blessed and will not be despondent as they were in the past during this Holiday season.  Thank your for your continued faithful giving to a projects dear to FATHER’S Heart.

I believe this act of discipline and obedience will produce blessed fruit to all those involved.

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