Our Perfect Covenant

In Matthew chapter 26, Jesus spoke:

26 As they ate, Jesus took the bread and blessed it and broke it and gave it to his disciples. He said to them, “This is my body. Eat it.” 27 Then taking the cup of wine and giving praises to the Father, He entered into covenant with them, saying, “This is My blood. Each of you must drink it in fulfillment of the covenant. 28 For this is the blood that seals the new covenant. It will be poured out for many for the complete forgiveness of sins. 29 The next time we drink this, I will be with you and we will drink it together with a new understanding in the kingdom realm of my Father.”

30 Then they sang a psalm and left for the Mount of Olives.

You and I have a covenant with Our Heavenly Father and HE is the enforcer of that covenant.  You always make a covenant with someone who is able to enforce the covenant since you and I can’t enforce it.  HE can, HE does, and HE will.

Our covenant with HIM is based on Absolute Truth so how can we be fully compliant with HIS Covenant?  HE allowed for that as well when HE sent HIS Holy Spirit to dwell in us.

Jesus spoke in John 16:

12 “There is so much more I would like to say to you, but it’s more than you can grasp at this moment. 13 But when the Truth-giving Spirit comes, He will unveil the reality of every Truth within you. He won’t speak His own message, but only what He hears from the Father, and He will reveal prophetically to you what is to come. 14 He will glorify Me on the earth, for He will receive from Me what is Mine and reveal it to you. 15 Everything that belongs to the Father belongs to Me—that’s why I say that the Divine Encourager will receive what is Mine and reveal it to you.”

What better way to insure compliance of Our Covenant with FATHER than to have The Holy Spirit oversee it.   I must admit that I have failed to emphasize this covenant in the past but I thank FATHER for HIS great grace and mercy (and patience) with me while I am gaining revelation in this area.

You and I have the perfect covenant with FATHER and HE is more than willing to enforce that covenant as we remind HIM of its benefits.  The enemy does not want us to access this covenant.

When we access this covenant, we should expect healing to come.  Provision will be directed our way as well.  FATHER has “more than enough” to administer this covenant thus we must not allow unbelief to override the benefits of our covenant.

Our covenant with FATHER is perfect because HE is perfect!

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