Management by Deferral

The most important unemployment rate is that of the politicians.  With the election cycle upon us, you can be sure all financial issues will be pushed into 2013 if possible for their purpose in life is to be re-elected.  The question remains: How far can they kick the economic crisis can down the road?  There are more issues around the globe than any one person can deal with.  The banks have been quietly writing off toxic debt as a percentage of their earnings but still have too much on the books.  The true unemployment rate continues to hold in the double digits.  “Financial Repression” is the means by which the Fed keeps low interest rates in place thus helping the Federal Government’s borrowing at the expense of its population.  Once again I have the question, “Who determines the greater good?”  We know it is good for politicians but not for most of us who earn a living in the private sector.

How can we protect ourselves from the excessive spending and deficits that are not at epic proportions?  By revelation from Our Heavenly Father.  If information was all we needed, we could all surf the Internet and be in great shape.  Technology enables but does not create a thing.  Technology will not increase the amount of oil left in the ground.  It may facilitate its extraction but will not expand it.

Our Heavenly Father is the only source of information about the future of us individually or mankind as a whole.  HIS revelations often appears to challenge our human logic.  Human logic has the greed/fear attribute embedded in it as a survival instinct.  The ego would not go to the cross to save mankind.  It would devise another strategy and throw the success point out in the future and force us to constantly perform in pursuit of the end result, almost like leading a horse around with a carrot.  The mind is all about control.  Politicians want to control the masses in order to carry out their agendas.  Our Heavenly Father operates by Love and does not need to control us, simply guide us into all truth.

Truth in the political arena has been obscured by the cunning manipulation of the primary support systems of the political machinery.  The support systems are funded by wealthy interests who are intent on perpetuating their agendas in order to expand their power base and increase their wealth.  The ego would tell you that you never have enough money and you must pursue more at all cost.  On the other hand, money is simply a commodity to Our Heavenly Father.  Jesus acquired money as needed but never focused on its acquisition for the sake of accumulating more.  When you can multiply bread and fishes, why do you need a lot of money?

As we continue to seek Our Heavenly Father’s Face, our resources will expand in order that we may become part of the blessing to others.  Most people focus on “me and my four and no more” rather than the needs of those they encounter.  There is plenty of productive capacity on earth even though it appears that we are running out of resources.  The current paradigm of energy, food production, and growth are based on a hydrocarbon supported infrastructure.  Yes, there is a limit of hydrocarbons on earth but there is a lot of untapped energy from other sources.  The current Babylonian system will not be blessed with the revelation of tapping into the other energy resources.  In the meantime, hearing the voice of Our Heavenly Father is your defense against management by deferral.

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