The Plumb Line

Isaiah wrote by The Holy Spirit in chapter Isaiah 28:

16 Here’s what the Lord God says:

    “Behold, I set in place in Zion a Foundation Stone,

    fully tested and proven to be faithful and secure.

    And written upon this precious cornerstone is this:

    ‘Those who trust in him will not act in haste.’

17 I will set justice as the true measurement

    and integrity its plumb line.

    MY hailstorm will sweep away your refuge of lies,

    and MY floodwaters will overwhelm your hiding place.”

For those who have eyes to see, the plumb line has been set in 2020, preparing for 2021.  Justice and integrity will expose those who have operated in the shadows as vipers in a woodpile.  Expect the light to shine throughout the earth as the Absolute Truth comes forth from the Throne Room of Heaven.  Our Lord Jesus Christ Who is the precious Cornerstone will be revealed as the Sons are securely placed with Him.