Utilizing Angels

In Psalm 103, it is written by The Holy Spirit:

17 But the Love of the LORD remains forever

with those who fear him.

His salvation extends to the children’s children

18 of those who are faithful to his covenant,

of those who obey his commandments!

19 God’s heavenly throne is eternal, secure, and strong,

and his sovereignty rules the entire universe.

20 So bless the Lord, all HIS angels, those messengers of power,

for you are HIS mighty heroes who listen intently

to the Voice of HIS Word to do it.

21 Bless and praise the Lord, you mighty warriors,

ministers who serve HIM well and fulfill HIS desires.

The Beloved Disciple wrote by The Holy Spirit in 1 John chapter 3:

8 But when people keep on sinning, it shows that they belong to the devil, who has been sinning since the beginning. But the Son of God came to destroy the works of the devil.

Jesus came forth with an active ministry to confront the adversary and take away his dominion.  As mature Sons and Daughters we should have the same mindset and not sit around reading The Word only.  We are to have experiential knowledge and understanding of The Word being active in our lives and transforming us into the same mindset as Jesus.

Moses wrote in Exodus 15:3 by The Holy Spirit:

The LORD is a warrior; Yahweh is his name!

We too are meant to be warriors of THE LORD and be on the offensive in establishing the Kingdom of GOD on this earth.  FATHER equips HIS warriors with power, authority, and use of HIS angels who are listening intently for HIS Word to go forth and “do it”.  With these resources, we are to war with the devil and no longer allow him to take additional territory for his kingdom.

Don’t think you can keep a low profile with the enemy and keep out of his view.  This is exactly where he would like you to stay.

If you will cooperate with your assigned angel, you can and will win the battle with the adversary.  Your angel is given to you for the purpose of fulfilling your destiny and he will war with the demons assigned to you so that you can overcome any and all obstacles before you.  Remember, they are intently listening to FATHER on your behalf and are dispatch to fulfill HIS Word and Intent in your life.

Everyone is assigned an angel and he will focus on directing you to salvation in some manner.  Afterward, he will act on your behalf concerning the “book” written about you before you were formed in the womb.  He knows you and your book so you should not be reluctant to utilize this Heavenly resource.

In Hebrews chapter 1, Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit concerning angels:

7 Regarding the angels, he says,

“HE sends his angels like the winds,

HIS servants like flames of fire.”

14 What role then, do the angels have? The angels are spirit-messengers sent by God to serve those who are going to be saved.

An excellent example of angelic intervention is found in Acts chapter 12.  It is recorded by The Holy Spirit:

6 The night before Herod planned to bring Peter to trial, he made sure that Peter was securely bound with two chains. Peter was sound asleep between two soldiers, with additional guards stationed outside his cell door, 7 when all at once an angel of the Lord appeared, filling his prison cell with a brilliant light. The angel struck Peter on the side to awaken him and said, “Hurry up! Let’s go!” Instantly the chains fell off his wrists. 8 The angel told him, “Get dressed. Put on your sandals, bring your cloak, and follow me.”

9 Peter quickly left the cell and followed the angel, even though he thought it was only a dream or a vision, for it seemed unreal—he couldn’t believe it was really happening! 10 They walked unseen past the first guard post and then the second before coming to the iron gate that leads to the city—and the gate swung open all by itself right in front of them!

They went out into the city and were walking down a narrow street when all of a sudden the angel disappeared. 11 That’s when Peter realized that he wasn’t having a dream! He said to himself, “This is really happening! The Lord sent his angel to rescue me from the clutches of Herod and from what the Jewish leaders planned to do to me.”

12 When he realized this, he decided to go to the home of Mary and her son John Mark. The house was filled with people praying. 13 When he knocked on the door to the courtyard, a young servant girl named Rose got up to see who it was. 14 When she recognized Peter’s voice, she was so excited that she forgot to open the door, but ran back inside the house to announce, “Peter is standing outside!”

15 “Are you crazy?” they said to her. But when she kept insisting, they answered, “Well, it must be his angel.”

16 Meanwhile, Peter was still outside, knocking on the door. When they finally opened it, they were shocked to find Peter standing there.

17 He signaled for them to be quiet as he shared with them the miraculous way the Lord brought him out of prison. Before he left he said, “Make sure you let Jacob and all of the other believers know what has happened.”

Supernatural guidance and events were provided for Peter by his angel and this isn’t unique to him.  Our angels can do the same thing for us.  Notice how the people at Mary’s house were praying for him but did not expect to see him.  Their faith grew when they saw Peter’s deliverance from the prison.

Now is the time for us to embrace the use of our angels as we go forth as warriors for THE LORD.  We should use every resource available to us and our angels are integral to our individual callings.

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