Love Heals

On February 1st, 2011 we were in the midst of a major snow storm and network programming was preempted.  My wife was in NW Oklahoma and was watching satellite TV which was unaffected.  That day on Dr Oz was a “faith” healer but I would better label him as a “Love” healer.  My wife called to alert me to watch the segment but I was unable to due to the continuous weather coverage.  I finally watched the segment rerun last night, 148 days later.  Dr. Oz opens the door on national television for all to see that Love heals.  Even though he focuses on faith healing, Dr. Nemeh (the faith healer) subtlety corrects Dr. Oz and indicates that it is the Love of GOD that actually heals and that we are all connected.  This “boots on the ground” episode reaffirms this blog writer’s emphasis on gaining further revelation of Our Heavenly Father’s Love.  Just as the era of faith displayed healing with a focus on faith, this era of Love will provide us with the fullness of power from on High.  You can watch the segments here:

PS:  You may notice that Dr. Nemeh also uses electric acupuncture points and measures those points similar to the EDS machine we are in the midst of building.  Hmmm!

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