$5.3 Trillion Injection over the last 3 years

9% annual inflation over the last 3 years.

True unemployment 16-22%

Investment Bank bonuses: Huge

The following may provide us a hint to the disconnect:


China, India, and other countries are buying tons of gold.  Why did we build Fort Know?  To hold gold.

A “tail” risk is the Black Swan event that I have been writing about over the last few years.  In this case, the tail will wag the dog.  The current system continues to crumble and the revelation of Love continues to expand.  The revelation of Love will be seen as the answer.  It encompasses healing, creativeness, energy, commerce, and other derivative events once the fullness of Love is revealed to and by a core group of the Beloved’s called out ones.  Focus on Love and the answers to life’s problems will be drawn to you.

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