$1,600 Gold has arrived

I have been projecting this number since April 11th, 2009.  I thought gold might hit this target by 1/11/11 but missed by 188 days.  Oh well…  The unfortunate news is that the U.S. budget deficit, the European crisis, the housing crisis, and other economic events all contributed to this new high in gold.  We were destined to see this happen.  The current paradigm of economic assumptions are no longer valid, not they were set in stone to begin with.  The great experiment of the last 100 years was based on cheap, unlimited energy.  As always, bad assumptions place the common man in peril.  The rich man then finds another way to exploit the system.  However at some point Our Heavenly Father reconciles “the books” and calls out the rich man on the carpet.  Could this be the time?  As the revelation of Love becomes widespread, the shift in consciousness is set to occur.  When Love prevails, the rich man is no longer able to herd men as sheep.  Men no longer base their actions on greed but act according to the Spirit of GOD.  The stranglehold of scarcity no longer motivates mankind.  There IS unlimited sources of energy, but we don’t have access to them yet.  Love will command the release of the revelation of how to tap into this energy source, not out of greed but instead by Love.  The Treasures of Heaven will be better understood.  The revelation of Healing will replace the pharmaceutical industry’s addictive solutions.  Chemical solutions to agriculture will be replaced by the command of Love to produce.  What a wonderful world!

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