Impoverished Kids Testimonies

We continue to distribute monthly to the local school where half of the students are in need. The following are testimonies of the fruitfulness of your giving:

The cards will help this family in every way.  They have no income at this time and they were involved in a car accident that they are now having to pay for repairs.

A family that is trying to assimilate into the community.  They have spent years trying to come to Oklahoma and any help is greatly appreciated.

We gave to a family that has just had some family difficulties and are very appreciative of any help that we can provide.

We have a young lady that is a senior that just had a baby, we were able to give her cards for Crest Food Market and Walmart – she got emotional, the need that was met was so apparent.  Wonderful.

Gave to a family that dad is unemployed and they have financial troubles.

Gave to 2 families that are single-income/single-parent families with special needs children.

We were able to give to a family with 7 children and a family with 8 children to help with food purchases.

We gave to a family that one parent is suffering with disabilities and they just need some support on occasion.

We were able to give to a family that has multi-generations in the family and needs support.

Gave to a family that has had financial troubles and live in a multi-generational family.

I was able to share a Walmart card with one of our senior boys that has had some real struggles with family during this pandemic.  He was extremely grateful and told me that he would be able to purchase sandwich items to help him mom out with groceries and lunches.

We were able to give another Crest card and Walmart card to the young lady we have that just had a baby a few months ago.  She was so appreciative and got tears in her eyes (again).  She was so thankful and said she will use the cards for groceries and diapers.

We were also able to give 2 cards to a new student from Guatemala we received this year.  Her family was stuck in Customs for 2 years before being able to get here.  Her father passed away in the process.  Her family has gone through many hardships, they were so appreciative for the cards. 

I was able to give a Walmart card to a student in need.  This student was so excited and said this would allow him to get a guitar case that he’s been looking at.  I remembered that the other day, he had asked me for a garbage bag….come to find out, the bag was to get his guitar home from HS Band practice without getting wet in a rainstorm.  Perfect.  He was so happy.  

1.  The gift cards have helped us get groceries for our family and also be able to buy diapers and baby necessities. (from student that dad is now on disability, mom is a part-time worker, and student just had a baby)

2.  We are able to buy groceries now and use our limited income to pay for rent. (from a family that has not been able to work at this time and has back pay on their rent).

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