Now is the Time- Part 3

Unity is a prerequisite to establishing the Kingdom.  We all must be in one accord.  Throughout Scripture, we are shown what happens when mankind becomes unified in purpose.  At the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:6, Our Heavenly Father disclosed a truth: “ And the LORD said, Behold, the people [is] one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”  Because mankind was focused on “self”, the LORD confounded them with diverse languages so they could no longer be unified in their plan.  When unity is brought forth in righteousness, fruitfulness abounds.

The current economic system is in shambles and its days are numbered.  The current system was built on lies and deception where the elite would temporarily flourish and develop assets and systems to be used to bring forth the Kingdom of GOD.  The earth and its fullness are Our Heavenly Father’s.  Until such time as the Sons of GOD are ready to rule and reign, the assets had to be managed and maintained by somebody.  We must trust that Our Heavenly Father has the full plan for the transfer of assets required to establish HIS Kingdom on earth.  We all have a part in this transfer.

Ten years ago, the Internet was not a reliable means of conducting business worldwide.  Today it is.  In 1987 when Our Heavenly Father first gave me the global vision, I had no idea how to develop any kind of global infrastructure to support the establishment of the Kingdom.  Man has been developing an infrastructure for a one world government and a one world currency.  This is the counterfeit treasury.  People would accept this system out of fear with no other alternative in place.  Those who believe they are in power are promoting this end game.  They want the masses to focus their attention elsewhere.  Amusement is design to preoccupy the masses and it comes in all forms.  In the U.S. with cable TV, you could spend all waking hours being entertained by the hundreds of cable channels.  Information without revelation is preoccupation.  By diverting attention of the masses away from the issues, a counterfeit one-world system could be installed.  As a result of 9/11, frightened Americans were willing to give up rights for safety.  Those in power gained more control.  The ego will create an problem only to  present you with a solution that will further its control.

Are you going to sit around, read your Bible, attend some meetings, and call it good?  Nehemiah was doing his job as a cupbearer and heard the news that the Temple was in disrepair.  He recalled the Word of the LORD to Moses:

Nehemiah 1:9  But [if] ye turn unto me, and keep my commandments, and do them; though there were of you cast out unto the uttermost part of the heaven, [yet] will I gather them from thence, and will bring them unto the place that I have chosen to set my name there.

Nehemiah was activated by Our Heavenly Father to repair the Temple.  He set up the Treasury and called forth the children of Israel to rebuild the Temple.  Our Heavenly Father honored this purpose.

Now is the time to be gathered together in unity.  The globe is heading towards an economic collision point which would result in World War III.  I do not believe that Our Heavenly Father will allow that to happen.  HE has been preparing HIS sons for decades for a time such as this.  HE knows where as the resources are and has withheld those resources until HIS sons have ben sufficiently prepared to bring forth the Kingdom.  We were all dispersed during this training period but now it the time for the Kingdom to come forth in righteousness.