Now is the Time- Part 4

The primary motivation for the Treasury of the Kingdom of GOD is Love.  When Joseph was raised up to be second in command over all the treasury of Egypt, the endgame was to sustain all of mankind through the famine.  His training was comprehensive and exhausting.  He was sold by his brothers into slavery but by Love he fed and sustained them through the famine, an example of “Love your enemies”.

The earth is preparing to endure another time of transition.  The globalists have manipulated the masses into unsustainable debt at the same time creating enemies in order to promote war.  On the other hand, the Kingdom of GOD promotes the elimination of enemies by Loving them.  Rather than extract wealth from others, Love promotes productive use of wealth for the benefit of mankind.  Rather than division, Love promotes unity.

Leverage and debt assume control and foreknowledge of the future.  Don’t get me wrong, I have borrowed money in the past.  However in 1981, Our Heavenly Father told me that HE was going to eliminate our debt.  Seventeen months later we were debt free.  For ten years, we had no debt.  In 1992, HE told us to buy another house with a mortgage so we could move my wife’s parents in and reduce the burden of caregiving for my father-in-law.  Since Our Heavenly Father does have foreknowledge, we entered into debt again.  Once again, that debt is gone.

No debt means that you are no longer in servitude to Babylon.  The Kingdom of GOD does not charge interest to its citizens.  Love promotes success and development of gifts and callings.  Interest expense creates a drag on productivity.  I was told once by Our Heavenly Father that money is a commodity to HIM and I should view it in the same manner.  I began to do so.

There will be a transition from Babylonian economics to Kingdom economics.  As the Kingdom Treasury is filled, I expect a process of debt elimination to occur and it will be done in righteousness.  Lawful elimination of debt is a basic Biblical principle.  A jubilee can come in many forms: debt cancellation, forgiveness, and early payoff.  In my case, Our Heavenly Father sent business deals supernaturally that took little or no time and generated substantial cash.  When you are not in debt, you are able to bless others without a creditor looking over your shoulder.

The current economic system encourages debt and promotes leverage with the intent to ensnare the borrower.  The endgame is to extract wealth from the masses and concentrate that wealth among a few.  Kingdom economics supports and blesses all of mankind so that each person can live a life of gratitude and have a focused relationship with Our Heavenly Father without the distraction of hunger pangs or lack of shelter.

By Love, faith, and hope we are called to give.  The transition is at hand.  The Sons of GOD will respond because it is in their hearts to establish the Kingdom.  The “Fruitfulness in Unity” mandate will draw men to be involved in Our Heavenly Father’s business.  The day of the Lone Ranger is over.