Now is the Time- Part 5

Why now?  An economic famine is coming.  I have been warning about this reality for some time.  If you have been reading this blog you would have known that investments in oil, gas, gold, and silver would yield relatively higher returns.  That fact is that the world currencies are declining in value thus the commodities’ prices are rising to offset the depreciation of currencies.

Do you think the investment banks, community banks, insurance companies, or other financial institutions really care about your future?  It has been reported that Goldman Sachs sold financial instruments to its clients and then bet against those same instruments and made billions of dollars.  Yes, greed is legal in today’s system.

Men and women who love Our Heavenly Father have been prepared in their respective fields for this point in time.  When you look at the journey of each one you find a common thread.  They were moved by Our Heavenly Father to take specific paths often sprinkled with opposition to their calling.  At times they considered giving up but were once again encouraged by the “Word of THE LORD” to continue and persevere through opposition raised up against them.  Many of them relate with Joseph who seemingly against all odds was raised up to acquire and distribute assets for the benefit of mankind.  Their lack of total success during this time of training was by design.  Had they achieved complete success, they would have refocused their attention on the current system and protected it at all costs.  As they matured as Sons, they realize the current system has no future.  Their trust in Our Heavenly Father has grown to the point where they will respond to HIS voice on a moment’s notice.  Jesus endured a time of preparation as did Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and others.  At the time of the activation of their calling, they were no longer moved by what the world had to offer.

Now is the time to come together as a unified Body of Christ.  Our egos must be set aside.  Fear of exploitation must be dealt with and the ego must be placed on the cross once and for all.  The current system is going to be replaced by a counterfeit system or the Kingdom of GOD.  I have been called to the Kingdom.  Come, let us be joined together.