Now is the Time- Part 6

To counterfeit means to illegally imitate something.  Over the last forty years I have come across many who claim to have a financial calling in the Kingdom of GOD.  Many were called to a “Joseph” ministry but I have not met a soul who claimed to have a “Judas” ministry.  Judas was the treasurer on Jesus’ staff.  Nobody wants to be associated with the man who betrayed Jesus.

Greed among Christians exists as a subtle, hidden aspect of the ego.  The ego will always tell us that we are to be something great in the coming Kingdom and be honored by all mankind.  Judas was expecting Jesus to be the conquering Messiah and overcome the current political system with one wave of the hand thus elevating him to treasurer over the whole earth. 

Christians attempt to take on a calling without the gifts and preparation that is required to operate in that office.  They often point to signs that support their perceived calling in an attempt to convince themselves and others that they are “the one”.  They spend so much time on the illusion, they are unfruitful in every area of their lives.  The glamour of the counterfeit calling takes their focus away from their true calling.  Those who would benefit from their true calling suffer.  When you expect “signs” to be your primary confirmation be assured that the ego will ensnare you.

Jesus inspected the fig tree in Matthew 21.  He found nothing thereon but leaves and cursed it.  It is well established that Nation o f Israel represents the fig tree.  Jesus Himself proclaimed that the Nation would never be fruitful again but to this very day they claim to be the chosen of GOD.  The church has been duped into supporting Israel both politically as well as financially in spite of the words of Jesus.  In effect, they are counterfeiting the calling of the Sons of GOD.  Do you think that they  will avoid judgment for their lawless actions?

Being called as Treasurer is not a glamorous job.  The bigger the job, the greater requirement to serve in the Kingdom.  The ego would have you believe that handling the funds would trump any other calling.  In 1972 while working part-time in the largest bank in Oklahoma and finishing my education, I helped out in the commercial receiving and vault area.  One of my tasks was to “balance” the vault with another person.  That required me to count in excess of $5 million in currency held in the vault.  There were stacks of cash everywhere.  Initially, I was like a kid in the candy store.  After the third or forth time of counting the bank’s vault cash, the glamour evaporated.  It was just another task that required someone to do it.  The responsibility of overseeing funds for the Kingdom of GOD is a reverent responsibility.  By knowing the consequences of sin entering in and seeing the repercussions of failure by those in the past who took on the office, the glamour has long since passed.

Do you think that those who believe they are in power are going to be oblivious to the transfer of wealth?  Do you think that there will be no risk associated with handling Kingdom funds unless you have the anointing to navigate through perilous times and at personal risk?  Without the anointing and the Word of THE LORD, I would have preferred another, safer calling.  Let someone else catch the arrows!  Paul wrote of the perils he experienced while fulfilling his calling.  How many of us are willing to walk through the perils for the temporary glory of the office of Treasurer?

I serve at the pleasure of Our Heavenly Father.  If HE wants to redirect me to another calling I am good with that.  My heart’s desire is to faithfully serve HIM in Love, no matter what the task.  HE prepares each of us throughout our lives to fulfill our calling.  We are drawn to those tasks, jobs, books, people, tools, and education that develop our gifts in order to fulfill our calling.  There are plenty of people who want to experience the glamour of wealth and would attempt to take on the treasurer’s office without the calling.  They would be a counterfeit treasurer and would also be subject to judgment by Our Heavenly Father.  We are called to be fruit inspectors.  We cannot judge the heart but we can and should judge the fruit.  If someone claims a calling but has not fruit in that area, the chances are that they are not really called to that area.  I am not called to be an accountant, a lawyer, or an evangelist.  If I were called to any of these, the last forty years would be filled with fruit in those areas.  The counterfeit will be exposed by the light of the Word.