Now is the Time- Part 7

While assets are under management of the Treasurer, his job is to protect value and grow the principal in reasonable investments.  Ongoing bank or management fees chip away at principal in a very subtle fashion.  In Europe, banks tend to charge fees for simply holding deposits.  The Swiss know that when foreigners open accounts in their jurisdiction, it is generally to take advantage of the safety of the Swiss banking system but that privilege has a cost associated with it.  Bankers tend to develop an attitude of entitlement rather then that of serving the customer.  In my experience, loan officers let the power of the lender get inside their heads.  It was as though it was their money being lent to the borrower rather than from the pool of various deposits, the true source.

Gold and silver have no liability attached to them whereas currencies issued by countries have liabilities that can affect the value of the money printed.  This is the case with virtually every country around the globe.  Recently, the Swiss took action to reduce the demand for Swiss francs because large investors were moving their deposits to Switzerland as a protection against currency devaluation in other jurisdictions.  This demand raised the exchange rate of the Swiss franc and lowered its export demand which is bad for its economy.

A global network of established values of goods and services based on the weight of gold and silver would reduce the complexity currency management and speculators would be unable to manipulate values at the expense of mankind.  The Kingdom of GOD operates on equal weights and measures.  If it is going to envelope the entire earth, then one monetary system will be installed.  The technology infrastructure is in place to handle such as system.  There is no need to send physical metal across the ocean to settle payments on a commercial basis.

Making productive use of Treasury assets includes investing in Kingdom companies.  Rather than charge interest (usury) for financial capital, investment in the productivity of a company provides long term cash flow for the Treasury.  It also removes the burden of interest payments of the company while developing its product or service.  In essence, the Treasury becomes a partner of the company.

The Treasury should develop support services for Kingdom companies.  Each Kingdom company will have temporary need for expert services but cannot afford the ongoing cost of having such an expert on payroll.  The Treasury‚Äôs mandate is to support and serve rather than hinder and exploit.

Generated cash flow should be distributed to the needs of mankind.  Widows, orphans, and the poor often have no means of support.  The infrastructure of the Kingdom must insure food, shelter, and clothing needs be met.  In the Book of Ruth, Boaz made sure the Ruth and her mother-in-law received sufficient food from the gleanings of the field.  Our Heavenly Father designed the earth to supply all our need and it is the mandate of the Treasurer to support the development of industry to serve mankind in these areas.

There will be a transitory time where the current financial infrastructure will be required to support the Treasury.  We must trust Our Heavenly Father to guide us through this transfer by revealing the necessary steps at the appropriate time to insure the Treasury is protected by those who would attempt to steal from the storehouse of the Kingdom.  It is our responsibility to serve at HIS pleasure and respond to HIS Voice.