Now is the Time- Part 8

“Sequence Failed Continuity”

When I was faced with making a trip to British Columbia, I had major repairs occurring at the house.  The office was in disarray and my “to do” list was long and screaming at me.  I had business projects demanding my attention and the remaining summer schedule allowed for no unexpected trips.  That was to change once the Word of THE LORD came.  When we spend decades in training, developing our gifts, gaining needed revelation, understanding, knowledge and skill, we must be ready when the call comes.  I believe that once the call is imminent, there will be a spiritual battle arise that will attempt to divert your time and resources as a final test to see if you will walk in the calling.  It may not be the case for everyone, but it has been the case for me.  Ten years ago I would not have handled the issues of this summer with the same maturity level.  I have even marveled at my lack of emotion as each mini-crisis has occurred this summer.  Only now can I appreciate why I was not activated in 1987 when first given the vision.

We can look back at all the opportunities to be diverted to another path or even death.  Each change in employment had an alternate job opportunity with a seemingly better future.  Each time THE LORD told me which job to accept, defying man’s logic.  At various points in time, there was a fork in the road and Our Heavenly Father told me to take the road less traveled defying human understanding.  The road turned into a path, the path became narrower and narrower until there was no trodden path to follow.  At each time of uncertainty, HE would send a confirming Word through a prophet who had no personal exposure to my calling and reassure me that I was on the right path.

Each of us has a calling and Our Heavenly Father sees to it that we will navigate through the tests, trials, and circumstances to fulfill that calling.  Whether it be a miraculous healing from a life threatening illness or being diverted from a trip that would insure death, HIS Plan will come to pass.  Some are called to give their lives on behalf of others and they return unto Our Heavenly Father before us.  It is not our responsibility to determine who “falls on the sword” on our behalf but simply be grateful that they took that assignment before being birthed on earth.

The following video provides some perspective: