Now is the Time- Part 10

The moment a structure is built by man, it begins to decay.  Only with substantial energy and pressure does man’s systems continue.  The energy consumed is often greater than the results it produces.  Early in the life of the structure all appears to be in equilibrium and progressing without much intervention, similar to a spinning top.  Once deceleration of the spinning top occurs it begins to wobble, much like the current economic system.  The “wobble” of the current system is beginning to produce violent swings in investment assets such as gold, silver, and other commodities.  At the same time, those who are called to service during the next major move of Our Heavenly Father are being challenged to think and respond in a new way.  The ways of the past no longer apply whether politically, socially, or financially.  The paradigm shift is occurring and the question is are you going to shift with it?

I believe we are being called to unity as members of the Body of Christ.  In the past, many of us were called outside the “camp” so we could commune individually with Our Heavenly Father to hear His Voice.  The church of Pentecost was teaching man’s views and traditions of the Holy Scriptures mixed with “leaven”.  Churchgoers were complacent and satisfied  with their reserved position in the pew and to hear the pastor’s revelation and nothing else.  As Love told us as HE walked the earth, “My sheep hear My voice”.  Now is the time for the sheep to move forth in unity.

When Our Heavenly  Father wanted a Temple built, HE moved upon His people to give finances for the building of the temple and they responded.   Prior to the building of the temple, the finances were placed in the treasury.  Prior to the repair of the temple, the finances were there.  This pattern was established each time throughout Scripture.  Until men overcome their ego and the subtleness of greed that causes them to cling to their funds, the New Temple will not be built.  Just as in the time of Joseph, it took a sore famine to cause men to finally separate them from their perceived wealth.  It took the death of the first born for the Egyptians to give their wealth for the building of Our Heavenly Father’s dwelling place.  There will be those who step out in faith and those who give in final desperation as their ego tries to cling to man’s perception of wealth.  Both blessing and judgment are coming.  The only question will be which side of Our Heavenly Father will you be on.

Greed is most subtle.  Greed will tell you to postpone giving until some future event occurs.  It makes conditional promises that are always deferred into the future.  Meanwhile you are virtually useless to the Kingdom for your focus always remains in the future versus the here and now.  I knew a man who was working on International financing deals and expected his “ship to come in” at any time.  Once that happened, he was going to buy a diamond ring from Cartier and marry his girlfriend.  That was ten years ago.  I suspect she is still waiting.

The story of the widow’s mite is all about percentages.  Those with much gave little whereas those with little gave much.  If you are deferring your giving until your windfall comes in, don’t expect anything to change if and when that happens.  Your ego will convince you to go build a bigger barn and defer your giving into the future.  That “future” will never come and you will be judged accordingly.  This blog might offend some but now is the time to judge yourself while there is still time.  None of us are called to judge your heart, that’s yours to deal with.  However, we are all called to be fruit inspectors.  Those may be tough words but now is the time!